Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter and other stuff!

     1 more month, and then Dr. Ashworth is officially done with his FIRST year of Med School!!!!  Way to go Tim!  He recently had a poster presentation of some research he has been doing since last November with an orthopedic resident and a bio-engineering professor at Case.  I was able to drop into the presentation while my friend watched Max and was so impressed with Timmy's work! (Even though I still don't understand most of his research...haha!) 
We just found out that we are going to stay in Ohio this summer and Tim will do another research project with the same bio-engineering professor.  We are thrilled to know what our plans are, and are looking forward to a somewhat relaxing summer!!
We had a wonderful Easter full of Easter-eggs, goose-eggs, a wonderful church block honoring our Savior and His resurrection, and food galore!  This year, we decided to do our own Easter just as a family and it turned out to be the stress-free day we wanted it to be :)  It was great weather, but a little windy which was perfect to go and fly the kite Max got from the Easter Bunny.  I thought he would love the kite flying, but no, he was more interested in the loose gravel in the parking lot of the field we went to.  To be honest, it was me  who flew the kite with delight.  I can't remember the last time I flew one and I had a blast!  Tim sometimes gets to put up with two toddler-like personalities in our family, bless his heart, he's a good sport!

Tim at his poster presentation.  I took some closeups of the poster, but was dumb enough
not to take the flash off so there is a glare on all the pictures I took :(  
I mentioned it is!  We had a ward BBQ the Saturday before Easter,
and somehow, Max managed to get this awesome shiner.  I really don't want to know
how many bruises, bumps, scratches, and bloody-wounds this boy has received.  I know
the number can only go up...!
"My boo-boo!" (one of Max's new words, which you can imagine, is used often in
his vocabulary considering he gets about 5 of them a day!)
Our humble Easter Bunny loot!  I have to admit, I had a lot of fun playing Easter Bunny, mainly
because I could hand pick the candy...!  Although, the peeps were all Tim.  I can't stand them!
"Cheese!"  A little blurry, but I had to put it in :)  Max on Easter morning before church.

Attempted family picture...Max was transfixed by the timer on our camera, hence his lack-of-smile-face!
What a cute little guy!
The Easter dinner!  Don't you love all of the matching china and fancy serving utensils?
I made half of the dinner on Saturday so I wouldn't have to bake/cook all Easter.
 Tim mastered making the potatoes, as usual!  I made this, this, this (the second recipe down), and this which all turned out pretty good, despite some major mistakes...!  

So today, Max and I took a walk.  It has been pretty nasty weather this past week,
and today is gorgeous, finally! I couldn't help but capture the
moment.  He always says, "Cheese!" and then hurries and turns away, so I hardly ever catch  the
good smile.  Smile or not, I think this little guy is pretty cute :)
Well hey there!

Here is a video of him on our little walk.  I did manage to capture the "Cheese!"