Saturday, September 24, 2011

What do these have in common?

This picture &...
...this picture!!

Sweet little Max chipped his tooth  a couple of days ago, and now I think we will call him "chip"
for short.  I felt so bad for the little guy.  He ate the broken pieces (of course...), so at least
they were put to good use.  It isn't that bad, it could be a lot worse!  He is so
dang cute, that it he can totally pull off the chipped front tooth...right? 
I know this one is kind of blurry, but I just had to put it on!
My sister Elise sent us this Indians baseball cap, and Max LOVES it.
He walks around the house with it on and just giggles and squeals, it is
the best!  Thanks Elise and Ez for sharing :) 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

It was wonderful to finally have a 4 day weekend!  Tim is getting busier and busier with school, and it was so nice to have some down time as a family.  We got together with a bunch of our friends on Saturday to watch the BYU vs Ole Miss football game!  BYU Football, good food, and doesn't get much better.  It was so fun, and we cheered so loud, I'm sure Bronco and the gang could hear us :)  Go Cougars!
On Labor Day, we went on a beautiful drive to a darling and quaint little town called Chagrin Falls.  It is so pretty here in Ohio, I love it!  Chagrin Falls has a unique water fall/creek that goes through it. Delightful.  It has antique shops, popcorn shops, cute old-fashioned book shops, yummy places to eat, darling residential neighborhoods, etc...  In other words, we LOVED it!  It was kind of a cooler day, so we weren't bogged down by the humidity and heat.  Max loved the water and seeing the ducks up close :)
If any of you know my dear husband, you can probably guess that the highlight for him was the popcorn shop.  Tim could have popcorn with too much butter and salt for breakfast, lunch, and  dinner.  He makes the BEST homemade popcorn, so I can't blame him.  This cute shop was a popcorn lover's paradise.  There were at least 10 different seasonings you could buy to put on homemade popcorn, which of course, Tim had to splurge and get one!  Bags and bags of popcorn were hung up all around, and it smelled like a dream.  The shop had ice cream too, and frozen custard, which I had to try.  It was so good, SO good.  We left the store with a giant size bag of good 'ol kettle corn, and have been eating it non-stop...mmmmmmmmm!  I think we spoiled our dinner big time, but had a great time doing it. Chagrin Falls is a must do a again soon place for us!
Max and his Daddy looking at the water from the popcorn shop window, darling!

I love it!  So original :)

Enjoying custard.  Apparently Max was interested in something else!  He is so
observant, and pays attention to the most random things.  I just love that about him :) 
I had to take a picture of this.  There is an entrance sign to match it!  So cute :)

Side view of one of the streets in Chagrin Falls.
Well hello Max!  

The water in the falls were kind of dirty, but we still really enjoyed them.
More of the dirty, but pretty water!
Our little family!  Again, Max is probably studying a leaf or stick or something...