Thursday, March 20, 2014

Max and Jake

So we have two of the cutest boys in the whole world.  I don't take enough time in life to pause and write down what makes Max, Max and Jake, Jake. Mainly for my bad memory, I am going to make a list so I won't forget these precious years.  They are going way too fast...

Max at 3 1/2 years old:
1. Every time he gets a new outfit on or does something different with his appearance, he comes up to Tim or I, strikes a pose and asks, "Wadaya fink?!?!" (What do you think)?
2. When he wakes up in the morning Max yawns and says, "Aw Mom, I was just so so tired!"
3. Max has the most beautiful set of big blue eyes with the longest eye lashes that you've ever seen.
4. Coming up to me and saying, "Mom, I really like your hair..."  I almost got teary-eyed on that one.
5. On the flip side when I just got back from a sweet run and was feeling pretty good about myself, Max loudly blurts out, "Mom, you have a big bum!"  followed a little later by a, "Mom, you are so fat and big!"  Nothing like that to make a mom feel like a million bucks :). 
6. He LOVES his baby brother...even though the term "tough love" is pretty literal with Max's affection to Jake.  So sweet though :).
7. Superman is his thing now.  Everything is super.  His muscles, the way he eats his cereal, how fast he runs, his super minding..etc...
8. Max has a sweet little "prayer" tone in his voice when he prays every night, it is the sweetest sound.
9. He just gave his first talk in primary on Sunday...wish I could have filmed that adorable moment.
10. Learning the articles of faith by singing the primary song renditions. Has the first and second memorized (gotta love the note pitches he can crank out. They are different almost every time he sings cute)
11. When I pick him up from preschool and am buckling him in his car seat he says, "So mom...I missed you!"
12.  Lately he has been saying, "Mom (or Dad), I have an idea...why don't we sit on our porch and eat popsicles when it gets warm...or...when it gets warmer, we should go and play outside...etc... 
13. Max will wait until the last possible millisecond to finally do what we ask him to do.  Sometimes I have to physically remove myself, or I might do something I regret.  He is so his own man, and has his own schedule.  He drives me up the wall sometimes...
14.  Wondering where Max is after an unnatural 3 minutes of silence in the house only to find him in his room or on the couch, his legs crossed, with a big pile of books.
15.  Listening to him sing to himself while falling asleep, driving in the car, playing with his toys, or while going to the bathroom.  The best!
16.  The moves he pulls out during our very exciting dance parties...
17.  Max saying things like, "Oh my goodness, Jake is so cute!" 
18.  The little dance/ high knees run he does when he has to go awesome. 
19.  When I ask him to put something away or to help me out, he will conveniently have his hands full of something and say ,"Oh mom, I can't right now, I have my hands full.  Can you do it?"  Smart little monkey...I know I am in for it when he can pull that off and he is only 3 1/2 years old. 
20.  Whenever Max walks by a certain closet door in our house, he always closes it if it is open.  Sometimes I will even see him walk out of his room,  after passing the open door a few seconds earlier, to come and close the door.  Love it. 
21. The second Tim walks in the door, Max ALWAYS asks Tim, "Daddy, can you play with me?"
22.  When we finish family prayer, Max climbs on Tim's back, and Horse Daddy takes Max back to his room to tuck him in. 
23.  Max is into sounding out words right now and is so intrigued about how two o's make and oooo sound, and how an s and an h put together make a "shhhh" sound. 
24.  Whenever Max meets someone new, or is seeing someone he hasn't seen in a while he will say, "Look at my new shoes!"  or "Look at my new shirt!"  Even though the shoes or shirt are far from new buying them months ago :). 
25. Max sees Superman, Nephi, Santa Clause, and Heavenly Father as equals.  Why not, eh?
26.  He is riding on a real bike with training wheels right now.  We thought it would take this next summer to grow into it, but he has it down pat.  So weird seeing him go on a bike that big! 
27. Max still can't pronounce the "L" sound.  He uses a "Y" sound instead.  "I yove it yots and yots!"
28.  Max can change his negative attitude to a positive one faster than anyone I know.  Tim and I will just say, "Okay, no one who is sad and grumpy can be in the room."  or "Don't smile Max...don't smile!"  It is usually through a tear-streaked face that we see that perfect grin show on Max's face :).  I always have to bite my lip to not burst out laughing, it is so dang cute. 
29. This 3 year old is doing chores now for a grand $1 weekly allowance.  He unloads the silverware, makes his bed, cleans his bath toys, picks up his room, and puts the laundry from the dryer into the basket.  He is becoming so helpful around the house, I really don't know what I'd do without him :). 
30.  Max can be the sweetest, funniest, kindest, and most loving boy.  He can also be the worst behaved, loud, and obnoxious 3 year old on the planet.  I guess that is why I love him so much! 

Jake at 7 months (shy 3 days of 7 months):
1. Jake has the most unique throat growl out of any baby I've heard.  He always has so much to "growl" about.
2. He just barely started rolling over from back to front this week.  Tim has been a little concerned that it didn't happen at 4-6 months like the medical literature says it should have.  (Gotta love to have a doctor in the, Tim is the best Daddy!) 
3. Jake has the best chub legs.  Actually, he is a chub all around and it is so stinking cute!  I guess that is why it has taken him so long to roll over...he has a lot of love to carry around, right?!?
4.  Two cute little teeth have popped up this month on his bottom gums.  There is nothing I love more than seeing him smile with those showing now :).  Max always makes it a point to tell people that his brother has teeth now. 
5. I love going to get him out of his crib once he wakes up to see his reaction.  He gives me the best grin, with a bunch of drool coming out, and fervently flaps his hands and legs.  I need to film him doing it before it is too late!
6. Jake loves Tim.  Whenever I am trying to nurse Jake and Tim is in the room, he has no interest in food.  He cranks his neck back to wherever Tim is and just smiles at him.
7.  His "tongue-thrust" reflex still needs to develop, so solid foods aren't in the picture yet.
8.  The little stinker still wakes up once every night to eat.  We keep saying every night, "Tonight, we're  am going to just let him cry it out."  That is easy for Tim and Max to say since they can sleep through the cries.  I, on the other hand, cannot.  I always give in and feed him or I will never go back to sleep.  I can never get angry at Jake though when he gives me the best smile once I've picked him up :). 
9. Jake has the best hair.  For some reason it grew in pretty even.  I get asked often by other people if I've cut it. 
10.  I wanted at least one of our kids to inherit Tim's beautiful brown eyes.  Jake got them!  His dark adorable eyes melt my heart every time I see them!
11.  Sometimes when I'll set Jake on my bed or the floor, he will grab the closest burb rag and put it right on top of his face.  It'll take me a second to realize that his face is covered and I'll rush to go and pull off the rag.  As soon as I do, he will start laughing with a huge smile on his face.  It is almost as if he knows what he is doing and is trying to play a game with me :).
12.  Jake is a feet eater.  That is the first thing that goes into his mouth when I set him down on his back.  It cracks me up.
13.  The little chunk is already wearing size 12 month clothes.  It will be the little brother beating up on the big brother in a few years, I just know it! 
14.  Every time Jake sees Max he instantly smiles.  I love how they love each other so much. 
15.  When you are a child of Tim Ashworth, you have no choice but to be thrown up in the air, spun around, and be a part of all sorts of tricks.  It took Jake a second to not be scared for his life (I don't blame him), but now Tim has a new dude to play with Ashworth style. 
16.  No more earrings for me for the next few months.  Jake's chubby little hands go straight for my ears these days.  He used to get my hair, but I decided to chop it off recently to solve that problem :).
17.  Jake is so good in the car.  He hardly ever fusses, even if it is past a feed.  I am so lucky to have such a well tempered baby!
18.  Tim and I will often talk about how we can't remember life without having two kids.  Jake has been such a happy welcome into our family.  We love him so much and look so forward to raising him with his brother :). 

Here are some pics of those adorable boys and life as of late for us:  

Could he get any cuter?

St. Patrick's Day morning

Valentine's Day!  I am one lucky woman and so loved :). 

Nice Max...

Tim and Max made a homemade geo board together :). 

Love Jake in this outfit!

Bundled up and ready to go on a bike ride in our new bike trailer that we LOVE!

I took these pics this morning.  I am one lucky mom!

Go Cougs!

Aren't his muscles ginormous?!?!

Who needs a buddy to go and do weights when Tim has this
muscle man to lift with?  Again, I am one lucky woman...ow! 

Playing "guns"  with each other.  This goes on almost ever night.  Except most
of the time I am the target...

Brotherly love! Jake is a good sport :). 

Big boy on bike!

Sweet little Jake!

This was taken a couple of months ago, but I had to put it in.  Love those eyes!