Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jake's Blessing

We were able to bless our sweet Jacob Timothy Ashworth on December 27, 2013.  My parents are wonderful and drove us up to Boise after a wonderful visit.  When we got to Tim's parent's house, all of Tim's siblings were there!  It was so good to be with every single Ashworth!!  All of our families were champs and quickly got ready for Jake's blessing.  Within one hour of us being there, Tim gave our newest little boy a beautiful blessing.  It was such a sweet experience for me.
After the blessing, we all enjoyed an amazing meal that Alison prepared for us!  I am so blessed to have the family that I do.  I am the luckiest woman alive to be the wife of Tim and the mother of Jake and Max.  My parents and siblings mean the world to me, and I couldn't have asked for a better family to marry into! 
Overall, this special day couldn't have gone better.  Thank you everyone for supporting us and enjoying our sweet little Jake!
Thanks to my talented and awesome Dad, we were able to get some great pictures of Jake's special day!
The man himself! Sweet Jake, we love you so much!

My wonderful parents and in-laws.  The best people I know :). 

I love this picture :).  So near and dear to my heart.  Although, I
wish Jake was looking!

Picture of Ashworth boys...take one...

...take two. What a handsome group of men!

My family!  Jake didn't want to look at the camera all night
apparently.  Oh well, he is still adorable.  Max looks about as cute as ever, what
a sweetheart! 

The Ashworth Family 2013!

This picture was not taken on the blessing day, but
I had to put it in just because.  It wasn't supposed to be
taken as our family picture, but I thought it turned out so cute.
In front of the igloo!
Thanks Dad!!! 

Our lives as of late!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  It has been such a wonderful few months even though it has been FREEZING!  We've had maybe 4 or 5 days where it has been bearable to go on a walk or run outside, but other than that, we've been chilling inside. So grateful for our warm little home, we are blessed to have it. 
So a quick little run down of what is going on with each of us and then get ready for a picture show! 
Tim: The doctor is in the middle of his OB/GYN rotation right now and actually kind of likes it.  Don't worry, he isn't going to become an OB/GYN the hours and politics are too crazy.  He enjoys labor and delivery though and has been able to deliver multiple babies. He would kill me that I'm writing this, but he is pretty much rocking this rotation.  All of the doctors, residents, and nurses love him :).  They keep telling him what a good job he is doing.  So proud of my doctor! 
After this rotation, he will move onto pediatrics.  Then he will take a break from rotations for a month and complete an AI (acting internship) at the Cleveland Clinic for the month of April.  It is an internship for Orthopedics and required to apply for residency.  Actually, he is hopefully going to do 4 AIs' this next year.  Basically he gets to do all the grunt work for 4 weeks in the Orthopedic field.  Lovely. 
After his AI in April, he'll hop on board the rotation train again and finish his 3rd year of med school with the internal medicine rotation.  4th year starts in July and his schedule is kind of foggy as to what happens when.  The only thing that we know is that it will not be as hard and time consuming as this year has been.  Halleluiah!  He works so hard and is enjoying his time in the hospital...for the most part.
Max: Max has most certainty made the transition from toddler to little boy.  He keeps us on our toes with his growing vocabulary, curiosity, adventurism, and crazy personality.  This year he said goodbye to nursery and hello to primary!  I can't believe I have a sunbeam aged child.  So weird.  He loves it and actually gave the opening prayer last week!  He is into race cars, flying his airplanes around, eating way too much popcorn, his preschool, reading, playing gently with Jake, and singing songs to himself as he goes about his day.  I love hearing him sing as he sits on the toilet, or as he is falling asleep.  Nothing better :).  He got a bike for Christmas and is on pins and needles waiting for it to warm up so he can ride it outside.  He has gotten so tall and is looking more and more like his handsome daddy.  Love my crazy Max!
Jake: Jake is 5 months TODAY!  5 months and quite the chunky monkey!  To put it bluntly, he is huge.  I am so grateful for a healthy guy though.  Jake is the cutest baby and smiles ALL the time.  I love it!  He will smile at anyone.  I get stopped all the time by people who want to "take a peek" at Jake and get to see his sweet chubby happy face.  Jake is rolling over, drooling like crazy (we go through at least 3 bibs a day and 3 outfits), laughing, making sounds with his lips and cute voice box,  grabbing at everything, wearing out his johnny-jump-up, and for some reason waking up more than I would like during the night.  He used to sleep through the night, and I have faith that he will return to that habit soon.  If not, I might go crazy.  No, I can't complain for one second about Jake.  He is such a good baby and has made our family so happy and fun!!  I love seeing him light up when Max plays with him.  Those two love each other, and I am so blessed to have them!
Me: I love life right now.  Even though it is hard and the days are long and cold, I am trying to be positive.  After being with both of our amazing families for the Holidays, it was hard coming back to living.  BUT, we are living each day one at a time. Literally.  I am keeping sane with calls to family, playing with my 3 wonderful boys, reading good books, working out when I can find the motivation, my calling in the primary, and my friends here.  The time me and the boys get to spend with Tim is precious and we cherish every moment we get with him!

Here are the wonderful times we had with our families while visiting in December/January:
Beautiful Annie and, that isn't they're baby, that is mine!  We love Conner
and were so glad to finally meet him!  Annie and Conner are the cutest couple and it was so fun
to spend time with them! 

My wonderful mom and dad!  They were kind enough to take us to the Lion House for dinner.
These two spoiled us like rotten this trip (as always).  My parents always drop whatever is going on in their lives and
focus their family.  I am so lucky to have them! We had such a good time and are counting down the days to see them again! Jake and Max are so lucky to have such wonderful Grandparents on both sides :). 

My dear friends Brooke and Kathy with our kids!  They both have moved from Cleveland
to Utah, and we missed them too much not to see them!  So good to get together!

So much fun cousin time!!!  Max was in heaven and asked about every 30 seconds if he could
play with his cousins.  I got to see all of my siblings except for two, it was a blast!  We sure missed Dallin and Camille,
but hopefully in the not too far future there will be an event with Annie and Conner that will allow all of us to
get together!

The rocket ship museum!  Max was so so excited to finally go to the long-talked-up
science museum by my parents house.  He was one happy guy to see all the  cool exhibits.  And
of course to enjoy them with his cousins and Grandpa Holt!

Temple Square Christmas Lights!  It was a cold night, but my parents were champs
to take us to see the magical lights! 

A trip to Utah wouldn't be complete without one of these pics :).  Sure loved
being with my sisters (I feel bad I didn't get a picture with Elise!  So lame of me...)!
I have the best sisters in the world and am so grateful for them.

The annual Brockbank family progressive Christmas dinner.  I was so glad to
be in town for one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  My Uncle Joe rocks, and
made this awesome trailer ride for the kids to sing carols on from house to house. I used
to sit on that and sing at the top of my lungs :).  Max is
in the corner with his red hat.  My younger cousins are so cute with Max, he loves being with them!

We were so delighted to visit Grandma Ashworth!  Tim's Grandma is one
of the sweetest people I know, and I always love
being with her.  She was so wonderful and always
makes us feel welcome :). 

Behold: The Christmas Eve Igloo.  Tim gets to take the credit on this,
but I did help him a little bit.  Ashworth boys know how to make a snow
igloo, that is for darn sure!

Jake staring as Baby Jesus in the nativity.  He did such a great job!!

Max also stared in the nativity as a Wiseman.  My cousin Lily
organized all the costumes for the nativity and it was so sweet to see.  Max
thought dressing up was the coolest thing ever.  Love this picture :).

Playing cars with Ezzy!  It took a second, but Max and Ezzy became
cousin buddies!  So fun to be with the Dixons!

Christmas morning 2013!  We had such a magical day with my family!  It was
so fun to be together and celebrate the birth of our Savior.  What a wonderful memories!

Tim and his brothers in a "very serious" air-soft gun war.  Not sure if that is
how you spell that...
I love that Tim gets to spend so much time with his brothers when we visit.  He
enjoys it so much, and we all love it too!

Grandpa Ashworth's belated 60th Birthday!  Not to mention anyone in specific,
but all of the "away" Ashworth boys forgot they're Dad's 60th birthday.  After feeling
sick discovering that, they quickly redeemed themselves with cards and phone calls after the big
day.  I still felt awful, so we threw him a surprise birthday party a few weeks later when we were all together.
Jim is such a good father, husband, and grandpa and deserves to be honored!  He is so unselfish and one
of the hardest workers I know.  He is the only 60 year old that I know that rides his bike (no matter the weather) 7 miles to and from his work every day!  He is a wonderful example of living the gospel 100% and can
do or fix just about anything.  Thankfully, he taught his sons a lot of his genius work and it sure saves our family a lot of time, hassle, and money.   We love him and are so lucky to have him in our lives! 

Max and Theo!  I am so glad these boys got to play so much together.  I wish
so badly that we lived closer!!

The two newest Ashworth grandchildren: Miss Adelaide and Jake.  She is the
cutest little sweetheart!  So glad we were finally able to meet her!

Tim's mom and my boys.  I love this picture and everyone
in it!  Max had such a good time playing with his Grandma!
Max would ask way too often, "Can you play with me Grandma?"  She
always made time for him and made him feel like a million bucks!  She is so wonderful!
(Max asked that question to my parents, my siblings, Tim's brothers', and anyone else
that was in the house.  Thanks to everyone for being so sweet with him!!)

While we were in Idaho, Moo Moo (Tim's mom's mom) got to
spend a lot of time with us and we were so glad!  She is 90 and going
strong.  She is such a delight to be with!  She invited us over for a
yummy lunch and I had to take a picture of the table she set.  What a woman!  We
sure love you Moo Moo!