Monday, September 24, 2012

Good Weights!

Hello all! Life has been a blast lately, but soooo busy!  It seems like every Sunday night when I crash, I feel the weight of the new week falling on me.  BUT luckily, the weight isn't all bad.
Good Weight #1: Max is surprisingly still alive.  With all the dare-devil stunts he pulls, I'm not sure he'll be in one piece for much longer.  Tim and I have had a hard time with that energizer bunny lately.  He doesn't listen to anything we say, gets into as much trouble as he can, kisses girls on the lips and them smacks them in the face the next second, still throws his food across our house, grabs library books/dvds from shelves and literally chucks them across the library, runs into the street/parking lots just because he knows he isn't supposed to...etc!  We love him though.  It is really hard not to.  I was talking to my mom about all of the Max-isms and she said to look at him when he is asleep.  Good advice mom.  All of the bad moments, sighs of frustration, rolls of paper towels cleaning up spills, looks from people to me that say,"Wow.  you sure could use some help!  I feel bad for you...", and time-out for the 57th time are washed completely away when we see that little monkey asleep.  His seemingly innocent face, fluffy hair, and snow bear tucked right by his side. It is all worth it for that moment, right??!!?
Max LOVES nursery.  He doesn't even give us a second thought when we drop him off every week.  He is talking more and more, and I love it!  And today, he successfully rode the $2 garage sale tricycle I got him!  I still had to help with steering a little bit, but he did it for a couple of seconds!
Good Weight #2: Tim is one busy medical student.  This block they have been dumping SO much information on these students.  Sometimes I think Case faculty forgets that they have humans for students, not robots.  Despite his full school load, demanding research project,donating his body for money( much to his wife's dismay), soccer intramurals (which, by the way, he just got home from his teams first tournament game...8-3!  Tim scored 5 or the 8 goals! I normally don't brag about him, but dang, I can't help it.  He is one dang good soccer player!), church calling, and extra med-school activities he still found time to take Max camping this past weekend!  Yes, just Max and Tim, no mom/wife camping trip.  They actually went with all the BYU grads in Tim's med school class and their kids.  It rained cats and dogs on them, bless their hearts!  They still had a good time catching frogs, fish, and wrapping marshmallows in bacon (gross!)
While the boys/kiddos camped, the ladies talked, shopped, ate this, got take-out, watched a girl movie, and stayed up WAY to late!  I woke up early, drove home, and went on a killer run, cleaned my house, and made part of dinner before the campers arrived.  It is amazing how much you can get done when you don't have a 2 year-old causing mass destruction...but I did miss them!  Thanks Tim and all the guys for putting that together and giving the girls a break, you rock!  Even though Tim only took ONE picture...difference between boys and girls right there!
Good Weight #3:  Well I guess my life consists of getting majorly pumped up for the upcoming BYU football game, and then getting majorly depressed after not only watching us lose, but staying up till the wee hours of the morning realizing that the alarm clock is still set for 5:00am.  Let's pull it together Cougs, seriously!  Haven't given up yet, never will!
 I keep busy with my calling, picking up baby-sitting jobs here and there, teaching piano, making way too many treats, running, park days (play group), story-time, and reading books that are addictive :)  Ever since we went home this past summer (which I still haven't blogged...hopefully that will happen, but I'm trying to live in the present or I'll get way too homesick...) I have been reading SO much.  I finish one book, and have the next one on my night stand waiting for me to pick up.
Life is good.  I guess when I look after finding all the good, it is hard to dig out the bad!  Here are some pictures:
Mommy's little helper!
We made sure to get in one more beach day before hibernation this winter...bring. it. on.
Love the hair and attempt to break our Max.  
If you look in the sky, there is a Blue Angel jet from an air show we saw.  We saw the air-show
the poor way.  Tickets in the actual place were $$$$, so we opted out and enjoyed it on a grassy  patch close by.
It was SO loud, but pretty awesome!  This is Max on Tim's shoulders trying to get a better view :)
I finally convinced Tim to pay money and run a race with me! He finds it hard that people actually pay money to run...the longer we're married though, the more I'm brainwashing him into thinking it is worth it!  There is a 5k every Labor Day that is about 1 minute
away from our street.  My friend was kind enough to watch Max so we could run stroller-less.  It was so fun!  And
yes, this is by far the best picture of both of us...   
I surprisingly got first place in my age division with a 21:56 time!  Tim had a bum leg
for most of the week before the race, so he has had better runs.  Having said that, he still
rocked with a 18:23 time...!  
We made it to Kirtland finally!!!  After living 30 minutes away from one of the most
sacred LDS church sites in the world, we got to go :)  It was super neat, and we can't wait to see the rest
of the church history sites that are close to us!
Max and some of his buddies at play group!  They are a crack-up when they're all together :)
BYU Football Party!  This is our BYU med school group.  We have been meaning to
take a picture of all us forever, and finally did it!  Sweet little Verity was cut out of the picture...dang!
We're so lucky to have such great friends chugging along our journey with us!
I could never do any wrong...right?
Yes, Max somehow climbed from that brown chair, to where he is.  And  yes,
those cards on the floor are from Tim's wallet that he was going through.  And yes,
that brown chair is no longer available for him to climb on.  And yes, this was leaving Max
alone for less than 3 minutes.
It is such a comfort to know that we are kept safe here in Cleve.  Best fireman in town folks!