Thursday, December 5, 2013

And That's The Way They Do It On The Polar Express!!

Max's awesome preschool took a field trip to ride the Polar Express Train to the North Pole this week!  It exceeded ALL of our expectations!  The whole affair was run by about 300 volunteers and they did such a good job.  They thought of everything: singing the "Hot Chocolate" song from the movie, handing out hot chocolate and cookies, letting the kids wear pajamas, having a pajama parade, and reading the actual Polar Express story to the kids. 
The best part was when we finally reached the North Pole.  I didn't know how they were going to create the North Pole, but they sure created it!  The train slowed down once we arrived and chugged along the tracks for about 10 minutes so all the kids could look out the window and see the North Pole.  They decorated buildings like crazy, and had about 100 elves waving to the kids.  There was a giant Christmas tree, frosty the snowman, Rudolph, and Santa Claus in his sleigh who eventually came on the train and sat with each kid.  Santa asked them what they wanted for Christmas and gave them a silver bell, just like the one in the book. 
Max had a riot, and I was so impressed! Jake was perfect and smiled at all of the sweet Grandma Elves. It was magical to see the kids eyes light up and feel their excitement :).  Our only regret was Tim wasn't able to be there, but hopefully he can make it next year! 
Max and one of his best buddies Elliot :).  Just about to board the train!  So glad
that Jake and Mae could come too!

"Mom, this is so fun!!!!"

Our little crew :). 

Don't forget about me!!

So cute!!  This is of course the times they aren't growling, or jumping off high
surfaces, or yelling at the top of their lungs, or tackling each other, etc....what can you expect with
3 year old boys, right?!?!

Santa Claus!!!