Sunday, July 21, 2013

Historic Kirtland 5K

Last weekend our awesome stake put on the first annual Kirtland 5K walk/run.  I was SO excited to hear about it, but so bummed when I realized I would be 8 months pregnant right during it.  I totally thought I wouldn't be able to run it.  Tim and I registered a couple of months in advance anyway, me crossing my fingers.
 Well, fortunately, I have been lucky enough to run this whole pregnancy!  Correction: I wouldn't say run, but rather jog VERY slowly.   I had to stop running while pregnant with Max at about 4 months, so being able to run this pregnancy till this point has been awesome (3 1/2 weeks left!)  
My friend was a gem and was going to watch her hubby run the 5K, and offered to watch Max while Tim and I ran the race as well.  It was SUPER hot (no idea why they started the race at 9:00am in mid July in humid Ohio...), but it was a blast!  There were about 200+ runners there from ages 7-70.  The course went up by the Kirtland Temple, the Kirtland Visitor Center, and the Isaac Morley Farm.  It was awesome :).
I felt surprisingly good the whole time and was able to finish a little faster than I thought I would.  Tim, of course, got second place overall with hardly any training.  Way to go babe!
Our ward is the smallest in the stake, but we sure represented!  The best part about the whole race was that is was FREE!  It was great, and I am so glad I did it! (Although, I was a little relieved to see an ambulance and medical team there...just in case my little bean decided to run too!)
After the race!  Nice and sweaty :).
Max looks like a 30 year old in a 3 year old body.  So cute.
Members of our ward who ran!
Tim and Cody with their medals.  Cody got first place overall,
and Tim came in second. Way to represent Cleveland 3rd Ward!
Don't forget about me mom!

Showing off his prize of yummy candy from the
Newel K. Whitney Store.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trip to Boise!

We had such a good time with Tim's family in Boise :).  I am so lucky to have married into such a loving, fun, and awesome group of people!  Our stay in Boise was complete with many trips to the park to entertain Max and play soccer and tennis.  Boise is gorgeous and has awesome parks.  I love it there!  It was fun to see Tim play with his brothers.  Poor guy, he usually gets me, and I am no competition :).
It was SUPER hot for part of our stay there, so we did a lot of water activities: swimming at Moo Moo's (Tim's grandma) pool multiple times, floating the Boise river, playing at the beach, and bringing out Grandma Ashworth's kiddie-pool.  
We went bowling, ate amazing meals (thanks to my mother-in-law), played TONS of games, went on bike rides, got ice cream, jumped on the tramp (Max spent SO much time on that thing!), went shopping, flew kites, and watched movies.  Max, again, didn't want me in sight. He LOVES his uncles: "Bensssster" ( Spencer), Nato, and Tom.  I can't tell you how many times he shoved me away saying, "No mom.  Go away! Only Bentssster can play with me."  Or Grandma, or Grandpa.  Or anyone but ME!  It's okay, I'm just mom.  I love how Max can warm up to anyone he meets.  He is not shy one bit, and I love that about him.  
After having a blast and being spoiled rotten for 2 and a half weeks, it was time to fly back to real life in Ohio.  We left bright and early in the morning, and had to wake up everyone to say goodbye.  Luckily I was still out of it, or I would have been a crying mess. We loved every minute we spent with the Ashworths!  Thank you so much for everything!!  We love you!  
Spencer, Nato, and Max on the way to Boise!  I wish they were in our car with us every road trip!
Max was the best he's ever been :).
Spencer and Tim playing tennis.  Spencer is only 15 and totally rocks
at this sport.  One of the times these two played together, Spencer had
beaten Tim 7 games in a row.  Tim was not happy.  What else to make him
feel better than to whack the tennis ball as hard as he can across the net AND
dislocate his shoulder!  He luckily got it back in himself within about 3 seconds.
Big brothers don't like to be beat by little brothers.  In the Ashworth family though,
that is becoming more and more of a problem...
The boys playing soccer!
My mother-in-law may be a Grandma, but is still young at heart.  This woman
can back flip off the diving board, ice skate like a pro, and do this balance beam.  She
can do much more, too much too mention! I had to take a picture of her doing this :).
Park time!
Look at these dudes doing the dishes.  They look so happy doing it...
Max and Grandma working in the garden.  Mom's garden always looks meticulous :).
Tim staining his parents' fence.  I decided he looked too cute in that
sweet gear, and came out to help him for a couple of hours.  
Spencer, Nato, and Nato's friend Eric with Max on the tramp.  These guys
were such good sports at playing with Max so much.  Especially in the HOT weather!
The delicious birthday dinner that Mom spent ALL day making.  I was one lucky
birthday girl.  The only bad thing was my stomach is squished by this baby, and
I couldn't eat as much as I wanted.  Thank you for the wonderful dinner mom!!
As happy as a birthday girl can be after dinner.  It was soooo yummy!
Grandma and Grandpa Ashworth watched Max while Tim took me out for my birthday.
I love that guy too much :).  
Well hey!
Having a picnic :). 

Tim got to spend a lot of time with Eric, one of his best friends from home.
One Saturday Eric invited Tim fishing up at his cabin for the day.  Tim came home with this picture.
Of course the first thing Tim's mom and I thought was "Hmmmmm..."
(Don't worry, the two beautiful women were Eric's sister and her roommate).
Eric's dad and dog came too, so nothing happened :).  
The brothers playing games.  They probably played this game, and three others
25 times while we were there.  So fun!
The future Doctor Ashworth everyone!
Max and Tim building sand towers at Sandy Point.  Such a fun place!
The "Three Man Stack!"  
Nato and Max :).

Roasting marshmallows in the trampoline pit.  Don't worry, it was only about 101 degrees
outside while we were doing this.  Max didn't care one bit though!
Bowling with Max.  I am the worlds worst bowler.  Hands down.  The next
picture can confirm that.  

I guess I need to get used to being beat by ALL the Ashworth boys.  Including my own.
Tim got the record!  228.  I was so mad, that I stormed off before he added up his total score.
I am not a good loser.  Unfortunately, Tim wins everything. 

Trip to Utah!!!

Yay!  We were so excited and anxiously anticipating this trip out West.  We hadn't seen our families in a whole year, and it was time!  After the girls' retreat in Reno, my parents and I drove back to Utah to meet up with Tim and Max.  Annie flew in that night and we began to party!  Max instantly warmed up to Grandma and Grandpa Holt.  Almost too quickly...he had nothing to do with Tim and I.  Same with Annie.  Max adores her.
We got to see Tim's brothers' families and their adorable kiddos.  Max ran wild with Oscar and Theo.  I wish we lived closer!  He loved his adorable girl cousins Claire and Adelaide.  Knowing our track record, Max won't have much exposure to little baby girls, so it was cute to see him be gentle with them :).  It was fun to see Dev and Christine too!  We visited Tim's wonderful Grandma in Orem.  We went to BYU and walked down memory lane.  It is crazy how much time has gone by since we were there!
Thanks to the world's best baby sitter (Annie), Tim and I got to go to the Bountiful Temple with my parents which was neat. We played tons of Ticket to Ride with my parents and Annie.  The real side of my dad and Tim come out during that game...good and bad.  No, we know it is just a game...right?!?!  We ate so well thanks to my mom's wonderful cooking :).  Taking advantage of the Cafe Rio, Nielsen's Frozen Custard, Dick's Bakery doughnuts, and Rainbow Snow happened as well.  Oh how I wish all of those places were in Ohio!
After a week and half of pure heaven, Annie unfortunately had to move down to Provo to start her sports camp counselor job, and the rest of us went to Bear Lake with my mom's side of the family.  It was a BLAST!  Again, the second we got there Max had absolutely nothing to do with us.  My little cousins were so dang cute with him and Max was eating up that attention more and more each day.  It was beautiful weather and so fun to see family we hadn't seen in a while.  We mini-golfed, swam, talked, played at the beach, rented paddle boats (thanks mom and dad!), rode our bikes to get the best shakes, hiked to a beautiful (and FREEZING) lake, and ate SO MUCH good food!
At the end of the week, my parents graciously drove us to meet up with Tim's family who were coming down from Idaho.  Tim's mom had planned a little family reunion with the Ashworth immediate family for that weekend.  Tim's awesome brother and his sweet wife hosted the whole gang for the weekend and we had a great time sharing memories, playing at the park, and celebrating Father's Day.  It was so fun!  On Sunday we hopped back into the Ashworth's car and drove up to Boise to spend a couple of weeks with Tim's family.
I'm not going to lie, I was VERY homesick leaving Utah.  It was so good to be with my family and to be able to spend so much time with them.  They are the best!  Thanks for the awesome time and memories!  We sure love you all!

Max and his Great-Grandma Ashworth!  She is so delightful!  
Max and Theo.  Best buds from the get-go :).

Oscar, Max, and Theo
Cousin tubby!!  

David (Tim's brother), adorable Adelaide, and Sherry (David's wife).  So fun to see them!
Tackle Uncle Tim!
Saying Max was excited to see Cosmo is an understatement :).
I asked some shy EFY boys if they would take our picture.  Bless their hearts :).  We had
so much fun at BYU!
We splurged and got Max some BYU Football get- up.  Here is the man himself
showing off his football muscles!  
I'm not sure who was more excited about the helemt: Max or his mom...
Never a dull moment with Annie!
My mom was so awesome prepared with potty treats and prizes for Max!
He was one happy kid once he went!
Max and his cute cousin Claire!  She started walking while we were there and
is getting so big and beautiful!  
Park City Outlets!  My mom and Annie were so awesome about helping out
with Mr. Max.   We don't have the best outlets in Ohio, so we had been
waiting to get Doctor Ashworth some nicer clothes when he starts rotations in a
couple of months.  Thanks mom and Annie!  

Sitting down after a lot of shopping!
I LOVE this picture!  What two handsome guys, eh?!!?
Tim and Colonel Sanders.  Tim wanted to go and make the "pilgrimage" to the
first KFC restaurant ever.  He was very serious about going, as you can see in this pic...!
He fits right in, right?
After a yummy meal!
I am glad that Tim had my awesome dad to help appreciate the meal!  I'm always
saying how bad it is for you, even though it tastes so good :).
My parents had Stake Conference while we were visiting and
Elder Holland came!  It was such a cool experience.  I will never forget it :).
Saying bye to Annie.  That was one goodbye I was dreading like the plague...
Same with Max.  He wasn't too happy to wake up the next morning to no Annie.
Hummmm...take your pick: The hot-fit blonde, or the old-pregnant sister...
Max playing his "Toot" with Grandma Holt.  My mom is a great flutist and was practicing
for church and Max was eager to join in.  He didn't quite grasp the correct pronunciation of flute and
kept calling it the toot.  Love it.
Daddy and Max playing mini-golf at Bear Lake.  Tim
got a whole in one on the last whole and won a free game!  
Some of my favorite people in the whole world.  My parents are the best!
They dropped everything and played so hard with us and Max while visiting.
We love them so much and miss them terribly!
Max and his gang.  These guys played so well with him.  I don't think Max was
having a good enough time...
We hiked to a beautiful lake while at Bear Lake.  It was kind of weird to wear jackets,
but was well worth the chill.  It was so pretty :).

Of course, a hike to a lake would not be complete for Tim
without jumping in it.  The water was about 40 degrees.
Did that stop the old Grinch, NO!  Tim is insane. Watch this:
I am a dork and filmed it sideways. Lame.  So if you couldn't tell,
Tim did a back flip off the rope into the ice box.  CRAZY!
My cousin Chandler is crazy as well.  He actually jumped in before Tim did.
After that about 3 other of my cousins did it too.  They were SO cold!  
Max, Oscar, and Theo enjoying a ride in bike trailer :).
Nathan, Thomas, Tim, and Jim (Tim's Dad) right before running the mile.  Nato
had to run it for a scouting merit-badge that morning.  After an amazing breakfast of protein-filled breakfast
burritos, Tim thought he would join in too.  Then Tom.
There is a 15 year gap between these boys, yet they all came within about 15 seconds
 of each other.  The Ashworth boys can do anything, and can dominate!  It makes me sick.
The Eskimo Blanket!  Pete and Tina let the family use this at the park.  I opted
out of being flung up...

Theo had a tramp in his basement!  Max probably spent a total of 3 hours on that thing
with Theo and his uncles :).  
Another cousin tubby!  Baby Adelaide is so cute!  She was a little
overwhelmed by her crazy cousin Max...
The Ashworth Family (minus Alex who is on his mission and gets home in August).
  I love these guys!  We had such a great time being all together :).