Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girls' Retreat in Reno!!!

1. I have the best sisters and parents in the whole world!
2. I have the best husband in the whole world!
3. Those amazing sisters and parents made it possible for me to change my flight plans (we had already bought tickets to go out West this summer) and fly to to Reno where all of us could be together for a day and a half.  My sister Camille who lives in Reno, was going to move across the country with her hubby and six kiddos in two weeks, but still was so gracious to let us dump ourselves in her home!  My sister Annie had been in Reno with Camille helping her for the a few weeks, so she was already there.  My other sister Elise drove from Oregon to meet up with us (not to mention paying the difference in cost so I could fly to Reno instead of Utah :). AND my awesome parents drove all the way from Utah to be there too!
4.  That amazing husband changed his schedule around so I could leave to Reno early.  He also volunteered to fly with Max to Utah so that I could be with my sisters and mom. I left Tuesday afternoon to Reno and Tim left Wednesday morning to Utah.  He and Max partied it up at my parents house (without my parents or me) for 2 days while we were in Reno.  Thanks Timmy!! Not like Max would have ruined the party...but he probably would not have appreciated the hours of shopping, late night talking, more shopping, and pedicures. Although he would have enjoyed the amazing brunch Camille made, and the mouth watering Mexican Restaurant my parents took us to.  
My Dad stayed home with Camille's kiddos on Wednesday so us girls could got out for literally the whole day and be together.  You are the best Dad!
It was so fun to be with my best friends!  We are all in such different stages of life right now, that this was kin d of our last chance to all be together for a while.  It doesn't matter how long it has been since we've been together, we always hit it off.  I wish all of us weren't so separated around the country, but at least we can still talk to each other on the phone. I love you all!!!
Elise, Annie, my Mom, and Camille.  I love all of these beautiful girls!!!



....and SHOPPING!  We went a little crazy I guess.

Right before we stuffed our faces with an amazing meal!  Love you all and thanks
for one of the best memories!

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  1. Ahhhh Grim this is a wonderful post. Warms my heart.