Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moment with Daddio!

 Spending time with Max is a joy.  Lately, we have been working on being consistent with him when he, on purpose, does something wrong.  We know he is only 2 1/2 and need to be patient, but there are certain things he does that he knows he should not do.  There are the days when I feel like we're progressing, and then the next day, we'll be back to square one.  It seems like whatever Tim or I say to him goes through one ear, and out the other.  Until one day...
There is nothing I love more than Tim and Max spending some quality time together.  Well, I love to be there too, but it is sweet to have my boys grow closer one-on-one. I came home from running an errand one afternoon (by myself, hardly ever happens...thanks Tim!) to Tim and Max playing hard.  While I was gone, Tim had been trying to put one of Max's trains away, but it somehow slipped from his hands, and ended up being thrown across the room.  Max immediately said, "Daddio, time out!"  (In Max's sweet little head, Daddy had just thrown the train across the room, which is a big no-no...)  Tim, trying hard to look somber, went to time out.  After a while, Max told him to go and show him what the 'no-no' was.  Then in a demanding voice Max said, "Daddio (that is what Max calls Tim these days), pick up the train!"
Tim did as he was told.  After that, Max said, " Daddio, say you're sorry." Again, Tim did as he was told.  Max then came up to Tim with a big grin on his face and proudly said, "Thanks for minding!!"  
I'm sure that same night Max threw his fair share of trains across our house, but at least our trying to be consistent stuck with him enough for him to discipline his Daddy.  Gotta love it!  Max is such a sweetheart :).