Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Big 22!

Last Monday I turned 22, and had a wonderful day!  Annie, my mom, Max, and I
went to a near by trail and pond and had a picnic.  It was delightful!

Max enjoying the walk to the pond!

My mom, as usual, made my birthday extra special.  We had a delicious dessert later
in the day that she made..mmmmmmmm!
  She is the best!

Annie was the best too!  She went on a long run with me in the early
morning (even though she could have slept in)!  She also made
tons of birthday signs and put them all around the house.  They were
hilarious, and made me smile each time I passed them :)

When Tim got home from work, he took me out on the town to pick out
a present and to Cafe Rio.  Ohio doesn't have a Cafe Rio so we have started
to fill our canteen.  He is the best hubby! 

Family Pictures!

My Dad is an amazing guy, and is good at so many things. One of those things is photography!  Before we move to Ohio, I wanted him to take some pictures of our family, and he did a wonderful job-as usual. 
 Thanks Dad!!

Max is so stinkin' cute! Not to mention the
good lookin' guy holding him :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catching up part 3: Bear Lake!

Every year, my mom's side of the family go up to Bear Lake right
by Logan.  We had such a fun time!  The lake was FREEZING, so
we steered clear from it this year.  We had so much fun hanging out and talking,
playing Frisbee, soccer, and volley ball.  We went and got  the BEST raspberry shakes, played ticket to
ride, watched movies, and laughed our heads off.  I love this tradition,
and am so glad that we were able to do it one more time before we leave. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Brockbank!
(No, I was not trying to dress up Max like a Rabbi.  We were about to take a dip in the pool.
 This little guy is such a good
sport to put up with a crazy mom!)
The highlight of the Bear Lake trip though was the family 10K run/walk/bike ride.
I have been wanting to plan a family run forever, and I finally did it.  I had
so much help from Tim, my parents, and Annie.  It was so much fun, and it turned
out to be a huge success!  Hopefully it will be an annual tradition :)
This is us before the race.  Pretty intense game faces...huh?!?!
This is the whole Brockbank family after the race.  Thanks everyone,
it was the best!!!
The Holt crew!  My parents walked with Max in his jogger, bless
their hearts!!  They were so nice to do that.  Annie and I ran the whole
thing together, and even bought an IPOD connector so we could make
a sweet playlist for both of us to listen to.  Yes, we are total
nerds, but who cares! Tim actually got first place, and smoked us
all!  Way to go babe :)

Catch up part 2: Boise!!

We were able to drive up to Boise and see Tim's family one last time before we head
out to Ohio for med school in a week.  It was a blast!!!  We were so sad to leave, but
thankfully we get to see them this Christmas.  We sure love you all, thank
you so much for the wonderful time!
Max with his uncle Spencer and Uncle Nathan.  Max sure loves
his uncles!!!
We went and had a picnic and fed some ducks our leftovers.  Max and his Daddy!
From left to right (Spencer, Thomas, Max, Nathan, Tim).  The Ashworth
boys are awesome!!!
After the picnic we went and did paddle boats on a pretty lake.
I love this activity, and it is so pretty!!
I love Boise!!!  This is the view from our paddle boat, SO pretty!
So Tim has been wanting me to learn how to cut hair like his
amazing mother.  I filmed her cutting Tim's hair, and then Jim, (Tim's Dad)
needed a haircut too.  Usually Alison does it, but this time, he asked me if I wanted
to.  He thought it would be good practice for me, and bless his heart, it was sure practice!
I did a horrible job, and he was as kind as ever.  Alison had to come and fix all of my mistakes,
which were many!  It will take me years to get as good as my mother-in-law,
so I better get started now!
  This is Max on the way
to Boise.  He was a champ for the car ride, we sure lucked out with
this dude :)

Ow, Ow!  Tim's family took us golfing while we were there.
Tim and I are both pretty bad, (well, he claims he is, even though
he wasted me- as usual!) so we needed to practice before we
went out on the course.  Jim and Alison are always so awesome
about planning fun activities when we come and visit, they are so
Max waiting patiently while I took about 174 turns, and still
hadn't even come close to hit a single golf ball.  
I think this was try #152...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Catching up part one!

     This post is long overdue, but at least it is happening!  We have had so much fun this past month and a half, but super busy as well.  Max decided to start using a binky last month, which has made all of the traveling and family time a little bit more enjoyable.  I was such a proud mother when he spotted his binky, and popped it in his mouth on the first try! Yes, he was about 9 months too late, but I'll take it.

      My cute little sister Annie graduated from Viewmont High School at the beginning of June.  She has accomplished so much, and I am so proud of her!!  Annie is much more ahead of the game than I was at her age, and I am excited for her to keep on succeeding in everything she does.  It was weird to go to the same place that I graduated high school (4 years ago!), and to be flooded with memories of my good 'ol days.

I just love this girl, and am going to miss her so much! (The girl
on the right : )