Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Big 22!

Last Monday I turned 22, and had a wonderful day!  Annie, my mom, Max, and I
went to a near by trail and pond and had a picnic.  It was delightful!

Max enjoying the walk to the pond!

My mom, as usual, made my birthday extra special.  We had a delicious dessert later
in the day that she made..mmmmmmmm!
  She is the best!

Annie was the best too!  She went on a long run with me in the early
morning (even though she could have slept in)!  She also made
tons of birthday signs and put them all around the house.  They were
hilarious, and made me smile each time I passed them :)

When Tim got home from work, he took me out on the town to pick out
a present and to Cafe Rio.  Ohio doesn't have a Cafe Rio so we have started
to fill our canteen.  He is the best hubby! 


  1. So cute, Canda! I'm glad you had a great birthday. Love you, dear!

  2. CANDA~!!!! I looked in my planner this week and realized that I had missed your Birthday!!!! UGH! I am such a bad friend! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! You look beautiful!!!! Seriously. I love you!