Monday, July 18, 2011

Saying Goodbye and Packing Up...

July finally arrived, and whether we were ready or not, med school was waiting
for us.  I can't believe how fast these past 7 months have gone and now
they are over.  My parents and Annie have been so wonderful in letting us
crash their party this past while.  We will always be so grateful for their kindness to 
our little family! 
My awesome hubby was a packing pro (and thanks to the help of
my family), we fit all of our
stuff into 5 feet of a ABF trailer.  I guess that is one bonus of
having nothing.  We were able to pay the minimum amount, and couldn't
believe that we fit it all in that tiny space.  

There is the man at the end of the 2 hours it took to pack it up.  You
go Tim!
Our sweet little Henrietta the Hyundai. She was great for the
 27  hour adventure.  
And the first place prize goes to this champ.  Max was better than
his parents on the trip, and that is the truth.  He was so good, it
was kind of creepy.  We  kept telling him that he
was justified to fuss, but he decided to do the
exact opposite.  We sure love this boy!!
 Before we headed out east, we were able to meet up with some dear
friends of ours, which was wonderful.   

This lovely group are friends of mine from high school, and I think
the world of all of them.  Alicia and Collin hosted a yummy fondue night, which was so sweet of them.
Alicia and Collin are on our right, and Allie and Alex on
our left.  Sara is standing next to Allie and is getting married this August!!
These girls and I have made so many memories together, and I will miss them a lot.
This darling couple is the Scows, and their sweet little baby-girl-to-be!  Tim and Dan
have been the best of friends since their freshman year at BYU.  I just love Suzanne, and
we were so lucky to enjoy a delicious dinner with them before we left.  We are going to miss
them, and are so grateful for their friendship!
Finally, we had to say goodbye to my family.  Saying goodbye to
all these wonderful people was not fun.  I cried on and off for about 48
hours before and after we left.
Bless Tim's heart, I would be laughing one second, and
then crying the next.  It was a long car ride...
  I have always lived within an hour of family,
and know I will have a hard time being so far.
 I love them all so much, and am so lucky to
have all of them in my life!  
Max saying goodbye to his Grandma Holt.  Another tearful experience for
me.  He sure loves his grandma and grandpa!
Here we are ready to hop into the car.  And oh, what we did
not know we were getting ourselves into for the next few days of travel...


  1. We had an ABF truck on the move out here. It was such a better deal than all the others! Glad you made it safely to Ohio!

  2. Don't mind me...I'm just going to comment on every post here. I'd just like to say how beautiful that packed truck was. Such a happy moment when it fit. And haha, Max is my favorite in that pic with the Scows. What a sweet little fella!