Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh what fun we've had!

Well, it is 6:00am right now and I am blogging. I'm crazy. Definitely not in the mood to work out.  Tim left in the 27 (real feel 19) degree darkness about an hour and a half ago to the hospital on his bike.  The doc has been through it these past couple of weeks.  We only have a week and a half more to go of the surgery rotation!  Hurray!  Honestly, once I mentally decided that I would have the attitude of "Tim never being home and if he was it was a bonus", I've been able to manage for the most part.  Luckily, he is working with a resident right now who lets him go at a reasonable hour.  The resident has a wife and kids to get home too as well...a life outside of the hospital.  That is a concept. I do not understand the doctors that Tim tells me about who eat, drink, breath, love, live, and worship the hospital enough to NEVER leave.  Bless all of their hearts. 
Tim will come home and we'll eat dinner if he is lucky enough to be home for it, play with the boys, help me, and then start studying or following up on patients.  He is working so hard, I don't know how he does it all!  We are usually in bed at 9:00pm and up who knows when.  The best is when I fall asleep to Max still playing in his room, hoping he makes it to his bed with his covers on.  Max has been a champ through this rotation...for the most part.  I have really tried to be more patient with him and choose my battles.  It has made a HUGE difference.  A lot of the "Max" issues we have been having lately, come to find out, are really to be blamed on ME!  It is so true that if the Mom is grumpy, impatient, tired, and depressed, then usually the whole family is.  So...I have put on my "positive thinking/attitude" cap and things have been good.  Except when they're not.  But, for the most part, it's not that bad! 
Surviving is made possible for us by our dear friends here in Cleveland, phone calls and skyping with family, library days, reading to Max till we've read the same library books 48 times, baking fall everything, eating, dance parties, the precious moments when Jake is smiling and Max is being a good buddy to him and me, the NEW SUPER WALMART (not the old one where nothing was in stalk, the 20 minutes of waiting in check out lines, and the feeling like I might be shot or mugged every time I went...yes, me and the boys were at the new one on opening day baby, and it was glorious! There may have even been tears in my eyes... I knew it would be fully stalked and clean just for that day though, and I was right. The next week when I went, I couldn't find about 4 or 5 things on my list.  BUT, I am not complaining, it is such an improvement of the old one!  Oh Cleveland...sigh...)yummy smelling candles, Costco, cuddling under out fuzzy blankets, Tim's "made-way -too-often kettle corn, Jake's little "cooing" sounds, Tim's positive attitude  BYU Football, my blessed treadmill, Christmas shopping for my family, our new Nexus 7 tablet(my laptop is ancient and ready to blow up. We found a super good deal online for the Nexus and have loved it!) and subscription to Netflix (turning nursing into a whole new experience!!), enjoying the Holidays, our warm little home in the chill of Cleveland, AND Max starting preschool! Here are some pics:
Little snuggle bugs!  We have had a tragedy with the well loved Snow Bear Max is
holding.  He is missing.  We. Have. Looked. Everywhere.  Tim and I feel so bad, we really
do.  I think he is a lost cause.  May whoever stole him (we think in the church parking lot) enjoy
the #1 thing that kept my 3 year old the happiest boy on earth.  We will miss you desperately Snow Bear!

"I was working so hard during tummy time with Daddy, that I  had had it." Zzzzzz!

No comment.

Some weeks I am more diligent than others of focusing on a letter theme.  A couple of weeks ago was
"C" week, and Max loved coloring his Crown.  He is becoming quite the little artist!

It snowed!  Well, actually a couple of times now.  The second Tim got home the first snow, Max literally pushed him out the door to make a snowman on our little
patch of back yard.  Mas and Jake so lucky to have such a good Daddy!

Walking in the beautiful cemetery with the fall leaves!  That is one cute kid we've got...

The Knight in shining armor, the Dragon, the Princess, and last but not least, King Jake.  Yes,
we look totally awesome, right?!?!  And yes, these costumes (besides Max's adorable dragon one...thanks so much Grandma Holt!) were put together about 2 hours before our ward party.  You can't tell at all though...they are so elaborate. 

Don't worry fellow citizens, I have the kingdom completely under control.

Pumpkin carving!

Tim gets to take all the credit.  I contributed by cutting the eyes and part of the mouth before I
cut off one of the teeth. 

And Tim claims he has not artistic ability...

We invited some friends over and made Haunted Houses!  I burned sugar to stick the graham crackers
together.  It was kind of messy, but worked like a charm!

This was all Max.  So cute :). 

Halloween!  It was pouring rain, pitch black, and past Max's bedtime when
Tim finally got home and took our little Dragon out for treak-or-treating.  Jake and I stayed and handed
out candy to a surprisingly big crew this year.  I think it was all due to the awesome pumpkin we carved and lit. 
Way to go Tim!

Right after waking up.  I was on a run, and Tim and Max had a photo shoot.  Max told Tim, "Dad, I just want to take a break.  Can you take a picture of me?"  I don't think
it gets much cuter than this... 

....Well maybe a little bit cuter! 

The smirk.  Watch out ladies!

There is a time and a season for these precious legs.  Jake, you sure know how to pull
them off buddy! 

Okay, I can't believe I have a preschooler!  Thanks to my dear friend who told us about this preschool!  It is
called the Cleveland Sight Center.  Half of the children are blind, and have are not.  There are only 14 kids in Max's
class to 3 teachers and then some volunteers.  The main teacher is a dream and was born to teach preschool!  Max gets to
go with two of his good friends and LOVES it!  The director worked with us on the price since we are so rich right now, which was a huge blessing!  Max goes 2 days a week from 9:30-3:00.  The preschool goes on all kinds of field trips like riding the polar express, horse back riding, and jumping gyms.  They have awesome parties for each holiday too!  This preschool keeps both Max and I very happy!  I sure miss my buddy, but have no doubt he is having the time of his life! 

First day of school! 

Tummy Time!  Jake is so advanced for a 2 1/2 month old.  Max is such a good big brother!

Tim had to go into the hospital all day on Saturday, so Max and I decided to go and get a treat.
My friend had given me a gift card to a yummy bakery close by and Max and I made a date of it!
As we were walking out, this kind lady opened the door for me and the boys and said," Wow, you are brave.  I
could barely do that with one kid!"  That made me feel good.  I guess you could call me brave, but a little crazy attempting some of the adventures me and boys go on!   It makes life interesting I guess!  I am sure lucky and blessed to be a wife and mother of such stellar boys!