Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where did August go?!?!

So Tim and I were reflecting last night about how stinking fast August went!  I really can't believe it is September.  Life goes by so fast!  We had a wonderful August though, and are truly a blessed family.  Here is a picture rendition of what has happened:
Tim surprised me and took me to Brandywine Falls.  He is the best!  It was our last date
before the little bean arrived, and Tim made it so special.  I have wanted to go to this spot for
a long time, so I was one happy girl.  These falls are so pretty!  It was only about a 30 minute drive from
our house.  We stopped by a darling custard place on the way home.  It was blast :).  
What a hunk.  Dang, he is one good looking guy! 
We went to a local fair!  It was about as low-key as they come, but Max had a blast!
I love living back East for stuff like this :).  I was surprised that Max eagerly went
on this ride. He was having the time of his life!  It didn't matter that he was going 2 mph
around a 35 year-old track...
Mr. Truck Driver. 
So both Tim and I thought that Max would be scared to death of this slide.  We
were actually dead wrong.  Max LOVED it!  This 3 year old of ours is just like his Daddy.
Sometimes I wish he was a little more mellow, but really, I am glad he is a wild, fun, and crazy dude!
9 months (and then some) large and in charge!  We were so anxious for our little guy
to come :).  

Grandma Holt came!  We were so excited to have my mom come and stay with us for a week.
She was SO MUCH HELP!  I don't know what we would have done without her.  I really don't.
Max loved every second of it, and asks about her coming back.  She got in on a Tuesday, and
I actually went into labor on Thursday.  It was perfect timing.  She was the "Marry Poppins" for
Max the whole time we were in the hospital.  Since I had a C Section, I had to stay a little
bit longer too.  Max may only be one kid, but I know how much work he is.  Thanks mom, you are the
best!!  We sure love and miss you :).
Jacob Timothy Ashworth.  Born August 23, 2013.  8 lbs 7 oz.  21 inches long.
Perfect, healthy, and adorable!  Look at that face :).
I finally was able to hold him after they cleaned me up from surgery and little Jake
up from 9 months of tummy :).  I was one tired woman.  17 hours of hard, hard labor
and then a C Section.  My doctor tried everything for a V-back, but in my pelvic area, I
am just too small to get a baby through.  Regrets for trying a V-back?  No way!  I would have always had regrets
if I wouldn't have tried.  I am just so grateful my little boy was healthy :).   
Max's first time seeing Jake.  He has been a champ of champs since Jake has come
into our family.  Not perfect, but
a lot better than I imagined.  Max is so sweet with him :).  He always will come up to him and say, "Yook at him!"
(Max can't say the "L" sound.  He uses the "Y" sound instead. We are trying
to correct it, but not  too hard because we think it is so cute :).
Grandma Holt and two lucky grand kids :).  
If it wasn't hard enough to say goodbye to my mom, our neighbors and very
dear friends, the Millburns, moved the next day across the country.  Max and Mallory were in
love with each other literally from Day 1.  They have been such
good buddies.  We will miss they're whole family so much, but wish them the
best luck in Oregon!  As you can see with Max's wardrobe, yes, we
did just come home from the hospital after having a new born.  
My three boys.  I love the time of night when we all just hang out on the couch
after I feed Jake.  Max is so sweet with his little brother, and we just sit and talk
together.  It has been one of my favorite things since being a family of 4.

Okay.  I totally thought that when I took this picture
of Tim that he would wake right up.  I was wrong.  Here is a shout
out to the the most AMAZING, hard working, selfless, patient, understanding,
and loving hubby and dad.  Tim has done it all this week: intense research for med school,
his church calling, driving friends to the airport, helping people move, keeping our house spotless,
being Max's best bud, changing diapers and rocking Jake to sleep at ALL hours of the day/night,
making sure that I don't over do it, putting up with all
the "fun" things I get to go through
after having a baby, and having the best attitude about all of it.  I can't
tell you how much I love this guy, and how lucky I am to have married him.  He has
been a saint through all!

Never too young to raise a Cougar :).  Let's do better next week, eh?!?!

I feel so blessed and happy!  What a month!!