Friday, April 10, 2015

Break it down baby!

Meanwhile at the Ashworth home...
Max engineered the drum set all on his own.  He sure knows how to feel the rhythm! So proud :).

Saturday, April 4, 2015

North Carolina Bound!

Well, we matched!  We know we are extremely fortunate and blessed. Tim is officially going to be an orthopedic surgeon!!!  I can't tell you what a sigh of relief it was when I received that phone call from him. All morning I had one of those feelings in my stomach that I used to get before a huge final, or a race, or a piano performance.  As a mother of two wild, but wonderful animals, I don't get that feeling very often.  I was with a few of my other dear friends who's hubbies were finding out the same fate.  Needless to say we were all a little antsy to get the news!!  Fortunately, all of our husbands called with good news. Phew! Of course, I started to cry.  I bet Tim did too, but he would never admit to it... 
After we jumped through that hoop, Tim and I waited on pins and needles till Friday to find out where our life adventure would be for the next five years.
Finally, Friday March 20th came.  We had been waiting for this day for years.  The room filled with the Class of 2015 matched Case medical students was pretty intense.  And crowded.  Very loud. And soooo exciting!  We left Jake with our friends, but brought Max.  He was a "big enough boy" to come to Match Day! Of course, he thought it was the coolest thing ever.
 Apparently, some dude in charge of the national match day decided it was mandatory that the envelopes telling each student where their residency would be couldn't be open until exactly 12:00pm.  So we listened to speech after speech after speech...   When the last speaker finally stood at the podium, she literally counted down the seconds until noon.  I was definitely sweating in my armpits by that point, I tell you what!!
Tim grabbed his envelope and bent down so Max and I could read it with him.  Once we opened it and read the destination, we both looked at each other and said, "UNC!!"  I couldn't believe it!  Tim couldn't believe it! My mind was racing a million miles a minute with all the excitement: Living 15-20 minutes from my sister Camille's family, no more horrible winters, 30 minutes from a temple (compared to the 2 1/2 hours we drive from Cleveland to Columbus), amazing running/biking trails, close to beaches, UNC basketball, how amazing the Durham/Chapel Hill areas are, the list goes on and on!! We were instantly smiling and calling our parents and texting siblings/friends with the great news.  The only downside about NC is the distance from Grandmas and Grandpas and cousins.  No fun. The visits we will have with all of them will be precious. 
The next weekend, all of us buckled up and drove down to NC to find a house.  The Andros family (my sister Camille) were gems to host all of us on such short notice. It was so good to see them! We rolled in late Friday night, excited/dreading the next day of house hunting with our realtor.  We had 12 home showings lined up, it was going to be a long day.  Thank you so much Andros family for watching/playing with Max and Jake all day!!  We couldn't have done it without you guys!!  To make that long day's story short, we started at 9:00am with 12 potential homes and ended around 8:00pm making an offer on our favorite one.  The home we made an offer on had been on the market less than 24 hours and already had 2 offers.  Bah! I could see why, it was perfect. To make another long story short, our offer was accepted even though the others were higher in price.  Complete miracle!!
Camille and Nate were so thoughtful and took Tim and I out to dinner after our long, but very rewarding day. Their oldest daughter Abby was a sweetheart to hold the fort down of sleeping children while we went out. We had such a great time with them and couldn't be happier about living only 22 minutes away from them!! 
 I have shed tears already about leaving our life and friends in Cleveland.  So many fond memories and friendships have been made here, we are truly going to miss all of it.  Tim and I both know that we are meant to be at UNC.  We can't wait for the next five years!  It won't be a cake walk, but that doesn't mean that it won't be wonderful!! 
This picture says it all! He was all smiles after opening that envelope.
Me being proud of this guy is a huge understatement!  Way to go babe! 

Monday, March 2, 2015


It has only been 7 months since I last posted, no big deal. Obviously, A LOT  has happened, and life is good :).
Since I last posted...we took a trip out west and stayed with both our families for two months. I am so blessed to have two amazing families :). Tim did an Orthopedic rotation at the U for 4 weeks, and then he and I got to go to LA while he took a test.  A HUGE thank you to my parents for allowing that kid-less trip to be possible.  Tim and I will cherish those memories forever! Some of that amazing beach weather is looking pretty good right now, I tell you what...
We got back in time for me to start up a nanny job with a family that I have been working for on and off since moving to Cleveland.  Tim then left me, my job, and our two boys to do another month long rotation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  As you can imagine, I had really good days, and really bad days while he was gone. It was good that we had Halloween and beautiful Cleveland in the fall to help distract us :).  I had so much help and support from family, my friends here in Cleveland, and my Heavenly Father.  Looking back, I really don't know how I made it.  What I do know is that without all of the help, I would have sunk. 
Tim came home right in time for Thanksgiving, and that year I was soooooooooooooooo grateful to be back together as a family.  Did I mention that I was more than grateful that Tim was back?!?! On Thanksgiving morning, I unknowingly and very much on accident, gave Max peanut butter.  As most of you know, Mr. Max has a lovely peanut allergy.  So fun.  Long story short: Max ate peanut butter on his breakfast toast (me thinking I had given him almond butter), I went on a nice long run, came back and saw my sweet 4 year old experiencing a severe anaphylactic reaction.  Rashes, watery eyes, itching, and then eventually vomit, and difficulty breathing.  I was so sure I hadn't given him peanut butter (he hadn't had any since he was 18 months), that in the beginning stages of the anaphylaxis, we thought it was something else.  When it got to the point of wheezing, Tim grabbed the EpiPen and jabbed it into Max's upper thigh and we rushed to the ER.  Long story short again: Thanks to Tim being a medical student, the doctor only made us stay put for 6 hours, vs the 24 hour stay they would have ordered.  We made it to our Thanksgiving dinner with our friends only an hour late and had a wonderful night despite the exciting events of that morning/afternoon.  I can't describe the guilt and sick feeling I got in my stomach that day when I realized that I had given Max peanut butter by mistake.  I was a mess.  I am so so grateful that Tim was home (he was about to leave for a turkey football game) and for modern medicine.  The EpiPen saved Max's life.  Moral of the story: I DO NOT want this incident to become a Thanksgiving Day tradition.
December was magical.  Tim's schedule opened up a ton (except for his residency interviews), and we enjoyed all of the delights of the Christmas season.  We stayed in Cleveland for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then headed to Virginia and Washington D.C. to see my parents, and two sisters, Camille and Annie (and their families).  It was wonderful to be with them, and we had such a great time! 
Pretty much after our trip to D.C., our life has gone something like this: Unbelievably cold weather, more snow than I ever thought could fall, cold weather, freezing weather, so much family time with Tim, giving the chill 4th year of med school a big wet one on the cheek, Tim coming and going from residency interviews, fun temple trips to Columbus, A LOT of prayers/fasting about our rank list for residency, awful weather, hot chocolate, getting sick, getting better, getting sick, getting better, more prayers about Tim's residency, enjoying our dear friends here in Cleveland, me nannying like a crazy woman to save up for our move (and possibly new house ((our very own!!!)) in May, playing with my two crazy boys that I can't get enough of (except for the times that I can get enough...), going on so many fun dates with Tim, Netflix, baking, eating, baking, eating, treadmill run after treadmill run (I am dang lucky I have one, but am so ready for a run outside...bah!), and last but not least, did I mention us experiencing the WORST winter Cleveland has had in decades?  No joke. 
I looked at the extended weather forecast for March last night and saw 50 degrees.  I think I went into shock.  We got dumped on last night. Again. I hate to jinx the weather, but it looks like that will be the last major storm...I hope! 
Even though I hate Cleveland for its winters, I am going to miss it so much come May.  There is a chance we could match here, but we will probably leave Ohio.  The match process.  Oh, the match process...sigh.  It happens on March 16th.  Timmy will get an email at noon that day telling him whether or not he matched into an orthopedic residency program.  If he does, then I will call and cancel my spot in the local psych ward and start breathing again normally.  If he doesn't match, then we get to do a complete 180 and change our life plans within 4 days.  It is called the scramble.  You can find other medical specialties that have spots in their residency programs...OR...sign your life away to a year of research or general surgery only to reapply to orthopedics next year (your chances not good at all the 2nd time around).  Needless to say, we really, really, really, REALLY hope we match.  Tim is an incredible applicant.  He has worked his tail off and then to get to where he is today.  The only problem is that every other applicant is just like Tim.  It complicates things just a bit.  BUT, we are putting our trust in the Lord and have the faith that whatever happens is supposed to happen.  At least I keep telling myself that...  No, we really have felt the Lord's hand in our lives with this major life change, and we are so grateful. 
Anyway, that loaded email will come on March 16th.  If we match, we find out where on March 20th.  It is a big deal where all of Tim's medical buddies congregate and open up their individual envelopes.  Not nerve wracking at all. 
I can't believe that it is March already.  So many big things are going to happen for our family this month.  No matter what happens though, I have a husband that I love more than anything, and Max and Jake that have given me the privilege of being their mom.  I have the gospel and the knowledge that I get to be with my family forever.  I am so, so fortunate! be continued till the week of March 16th baby!! 

We jumped on the ONLY day in weeks and weeks that was above 20 degrees to take our boys sledding.
Max has been asking all winter to go, and I have been a pansy of a Mom and keep telling him it is too cold.
Well, we finally braved the cold one morning last week, and enjoyed an outing of sledding in a blizzard, followed by doughnuts and hot chocolate.  Max was in heaven!  Jake, on the other hand, lasted about two sled runs. A fond and crazy memory for sure!

And yes, we were the ONLY ones out sledding that morning...

Snow anyone?  Tim, the shovel master!

These pics were taken last night.  Tim came inside from shoveling and said we had to take a picture
to remember the snow.  To be honest, I would rather not remember...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Max is 4!

Max turned 4 years old last week.  I can't believe it!  He is growing up way too fast, I need to freeze time.  We celebrated his birthday the day after his real birthday so Tim could be with us. We started off Max's day with a pretty morning run (Max ran at the beginning and the end...he is way too fast for his own good).  Then we went to one of our favorite parks to play and hav a picnic.  Later that afternoon, we had a little friend party.  It was a last minute planned shin-dig, but we had fun. Later that evening, Max requested popcorn and a movie.  Max could eat popcorn forever. Literally.  We love Max and I can't imagine life without him. Here is what he is currently all about:
1. Tim is Max's hero.  He copies everything his Daddy does.  It warms my heart :).
2. Max is loving sunbeams and is starting to sit for maybe 20 minutes of the hour long block now...! No, his behavior isn't too bad.  It is hard because our whole entire family is in primary, so it is a little distracting.  We love it though! 
3. Max is developing so many new motor skills.  He can do monkey bars, somersaults,  ride his bike like a pro, climb on everything, throw a Frisbee and football correctly, kick and trap a soccer ball better than me, write his first and last name, sound out tons of words, and yesterday he proved to play the wii all by himself.  Great. 
4.  He is getting so tall! 
5.  He has memorized the first 9 articles of faith!  Well, we are almost ready on the 9th :). 
6.  Max is all about fighting the bad guys and capturing them.  We have had to enforce over and over "capturing" the bad guys, not killing them. Needless to say, I feel very safe when Max is around. 
7.  He loves scripture study and church.  Recently he said two different statements that melted my heart.  We were doing the "going to bed" routine one night and it was a lot later than usual.  As I was brushing his teeth I said, "Let's just say an article of faith for scripture study tonight Max, it is so late."  He pulled the toothbrush out of his mouth and gave me a very serious face and said, "But Mom, we have to read the scriptures!  It is my favorite part about going to bed!"  Talk about being put in my place.  I learn so much from Max  :). 
The other sweet thing he said while we were getting ready for church one morning was, "I can't wait to take the Jesus water and bread in Sacrament meeting Mom, it is my favorite part."  It is times like that I need to remember when I am ready to check out because of our crazy Max...
8. Even though Max is 4, mealtimes are still a major challenge.  If I didn't shove the fork or spoon down that boy's throat, he might never eat.  I don't know how he gets all of his energy...
Jake on the other hand only needs my attention when he is done with his 2nd helping of dinner...sweet Jake :).  Such different eaters I have! 
9.  Max could sit and read books to himself (well, look at the pictures) or have me read to him all day.  I love that about him :).
10. Max loves light. Flashlights, lightning, fire, etc...
11. Max is a planner.  He is always asking, "Mom, what are we going to do after ______?"  Every time I tuck him in he needs to know the plans for the following day.  He is my son I guess :). 
12. Max is just like Tim was when Tim was a kid.  Exactly alike. Stubborn as a mule, and very particular.  He won't let Tim or me get the best of him when we are trying to discipline him.  I am constantly having to think of new parenting tactics. Max will finish eating something sticky or messy and rush to the bathroom to wipe off his face and hands before doing anything else. What four year old does that? 
13. He is in that stage now where he has to do EVERYTHING by himself and do it his way.  Such an independent. 
14.  Max sings all the time.  It amazes me how many songs he knows!  He also is starting to quote movies now.  It cracks me up to listen to him go off on different movie scenes. 
I love Max, and am so blessed to be his mom.  He is so caring, sensitive, honest, hilarious, and wild.  Happy 4th Birthday buddy! 
The birthday boy!

The awful cake I made.  Next year: store bought. Max wanted a blue and green
"4" cake.  That artistic gene skipped me most definitely!

Max wanted to try riding without training wheels since he was a "big 4 year old." 
The verdict: he tried :).
I think the training wheels will need to go back on for a bit :). 

I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off at Max's party, so this is
one of the only pictures I got.  Max is hidden underneath Jay Jay the Clown's arm.  Tim
was the perfect Jay Jay again this year! 

Max and Jake after a lot of sugar, popcorn, and no sleep!  So fun to
celebrate Max's special day :). 

Annie's Wedding!

My beautiful sister Annie got married last month!  To say I am happy for her is an understatement!  She and I are about as close as two people can get without getting married...hehe :).  Being able to spend some time with her before the big day and being able to be at her wedding was so wonderful!  She is an incredible person, and I definitely want to be like her when I grow up.  She married Conner Blake, who I am proud to call my brother now!  I met him last December and approved 100% for him to marry Annie (I am very protective of that is a pretty big compliment!)  I was able to get to know him a lot better the few days before the wedding and think the world of him.  We all do! 
Their wedding day was perfect. I kept saying that over and over again.  The perfect bride and groom, the perfect place (Bountiful Temple), the perfect weather, perfect food, perfect company, perfect (and gorgeous) reception, perfect music, etc...   So proud of you Annie and Conner, sure love you guys!
The only thing that could have made the special day better was to have Tim there.  Due to lovely med school, he was not able to make it which broke my heart and his.  There will be an open house in Virginia this December for Conner's group of loved ones and Tim will be able to celebrate with the Blake's then :).  I also wished that our brother Dave could have been there too.  I guess Oman was a leeetle to far for him to come.  Bless Dave's heart, he is the hero in Oman and fights off all the bad guys, so proud of him.  We missed the rest of Camille and Devin's families too, so wished they could have been with us.   Hopefully we will ALL be able to get together soon...! 
It was so good to be with most of my family though.  Tons of cousin time.  Love and hate relationships were made with those little rascals, but thankfully, mostly love.  Being with my family makes me so happy, and we all had a blast :).  It is crazy to think that Annie was the 7th and final Holt to get hitched.  So blessed to belong to such an amazing family :). 
We had so much fun and were super busy, that I forgot to take pictures.  So mad at myself.  Here are the lucky few I shot while in Utah :). 
Max and some of his cousins at the Temple.  Clearly, the fountain was the coolest part...

Annie looked stunning!  What a beautiful bride :). 

Swinging on Grandma and Grandpa Holt's awesome swing set!  Jake's smirk...

Love that picture of Max :). 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer fun!

I have been awful and posting lately.  Me and the boys have made some great memories this summer and I told myself today that I HAD to sit down and blog while the memories are still semi-fresh in my mind.  Luckily both boys are asleep...I better type fast.  I am just going to post a bunch of pics...sorry for the randomness! 
First impression of this picture:  Way random, and totally awkward
mismatched bedding.  My impression: Max's photo (taken himself) of
his neatly made bed (made himself)...his reward for making his bed is that
he gets to take a picture of it.  We have dozens of these pictures, and I just
had to post one.  Such a sweetie!  Side note: yes, someday I hope he will have
cute bedding that matches...but today is not that day...!

Brother love!  I say "Max, gentle with Jake..." probably about 248 times a day :). 

So sweet :). 

Tim's parents are the best and got us this AWESOME kite for this past Easter.  Whenever it
isn't raining and there is a great breeze going on, (which is hardly ever in good old Cleveland...)
Tim and Max both know that it is perfect kite weather. Flying this kite requires a lot of muscle and skill,
but once you get it down it is a blast to fly.  We have had a lot of fun with it, thanks Mom and Dad Ashworth!

Max is still a little too young to fly it by himself, but with a lot of things recently,
he will get the hang of it soon and be better at it than me!

Tim is the master kite flyer by far.  Love this pic :). 

Once again, Jake gets the best jobs:
#1 Hold the kite thingie...

...#2 Eat the kite thingie!
Video of the kite
One of my dearest friends Michelle and her hubby Kyle had a job in Virginia this past summer.
On their trek across the country, we were lucky enough to be one of their stopping
points!  Tim, Max, Jake, and me think the world of them and had such a great time!  They only stayed
a couple of days, but that didn't stop us from catching up, playing games, eating yummy food, and of course going on an awesome run in the hot humid heat of Cleveland! Thanks for making our summer Kyle and Michelle, we love you guys!
Friends forever! I just love this girl!  

Happy Father's Day Tim!  Max has had a superman kick for who knows how long and insisted
on making a super man card for his Daddy for Father's Day.  Tim is definitely super, that is for sure!  I couldn't have asked for a better Daddy for Max and Jake.  I love him so much and am one lucky woman to be married to him :).   


I turned 25!  Crazy!  I have an incredible husband who made me breakfast, and then we
just played with our boys.  We got a babysitter that night and Tim and I biked to get some
ice cream.  It doesn't get much better than that! 

We went camping!  We finally had a weekend when Tim was free and we had a blast!
We got to our site kind of late, but it was still so fun.  Jake was a champ, as usual, and Max
was in his glory.  He had been asking and asking when we were going to go, so his face looked like it does
in this picture the whole trip!  Tim is a pro camper and makes it so enjoyable because he can deal with and do
just about anything outdoors.  It was a gorgeous night, and I enjoyed so much just being with my family.  So fun

Sorry for the awkward angle...I just had to post this with sweet Jake!  All cleanliness, nutrition, and hygiene go
out the window with camping. After I had come to terms with those conditions, I had a great time! 

Good morning Ashworth family!  Love the feeling of waking up in a tent :). 

Happy 4th of July!  I realized that we have hardly taken any pictures of us in our yard.  With Tim graduating this next May, (feels so weird to say that...) I made us take a timed photo before we went to a BBQ with some friends.  Even though our backyard is tiny, next to a parking lot, and not fenced in, we have loved having it and have made many memories :). 

Some of our friends were awesome enough to include us on a fun day at the famous Cedar Point amusement park.  It is
roller coaster heaven for those of you who are that crowd...a.k.a Tim.  I braved one roller coaster with Tim and about lost it (literally...).  We all had so much fun though, and are so glad we had the chance to go before leaving Cleveland.  The weather was perfect and our kids were so good.  While Tim was going crazy on roller coasters, me, Max, and Jake thoroughly enjoyed the ferris wheel :).  Max's face says it all, love it! 

I was so proud of Max braving a bunch of rides I thought he wouldn't go on.  Having said that, he went on this ride probably about 6 or 7 times :).  Just watching him go around and around and around made me want to puke...! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Max's First Race!

Max could probably run all day if Tim and I let him. We always joke that Max learned to crawl, then run.  No joke, I think it was the week he learned to walk when he mastered running.  Ever since then, Max has been a running machine.  I can't help but say that I am a proud mother!
  One morning I was out for a run and saw a poster advertising a race right by our house.  Not only did I want to do it, but they had a "fun run" for kids after the 4 miler.  I came home and told Max about it and he was so excited!  Tim wasn't able to come because of a rotation, but me and the boys had a blast!  After the race they had homemade doughnuts (smelling those when I was finishing my race made me sick...) and some games for the kids to do.  Max and his little friend Jude were the youngest runners there and it cracked me up how well they kept up.  The "fun run" was one lap around the track.  After he ran the whole lap without stopping he came up to me and said all cheery, "Mom, I want to do it again!"  So I said okay, and that is exactly what he did!  Way to go Max :). 
The racing man!  He was insistent on wearing his running headband.  I found one of
my old race bibs and pinned it on his shirt to make him official :).   

Max and Jude showing their muscles before the race!

Sweet little Jake!  He had the most important job of all during the race by
keeping that stroller seat company :). 

The runners! 

Since I had Jake and couldn't be Max's partner for the games, a sweet little
girl agreed to be Max's buddy.  She was so cute with him and it made his day :). 
On your mark...get set...go!