Thursday, August 21, 2014

Max is 4!

Max turned 4 years old last week.  I can't believe it!  He is growing up way too fast, I need to freeze time.  We celebrated his birthday the day after his real birthday so Tim could be with us. We started off Max's day with a pretty morning run (Max ran at the beginning and the end...he is way too fast for his own good).  Then we went to one of our favorite parks to play and hav a picnic.  Later that afternoon, we had a little friend party.  It was a last minute planned shin-dig, but we had fun. Later that evening, Max requested popcorn and a movie.  Max could eat popcorn forever. Literally.  We love Max and I can't imagine life without him. Here is what he is currently all about:
1. Tim is Max's hero.  He copies everything his Daddy does.  It warms my heart :).
2. Max is loving sunbeams and is starting to sit for maybe 20 minutes of the hour long block now...! No, his behavior isn't too bad.  It is hard because our whole entire family is in primary, so it is a little distracting.  We love it though! 
3. Max is developing so many new motor skills.  He can do monkey bars, somersaults,  ride his bike like a pro, climb on everything, throw a Frisbee and football correctly, kick and trap a soccer ball better than me, write his first and last name, sound out tons of words, and yesterday he proved to play the wii all by himself.  Great. 
4.  He is getting so tall! 
5.  He has memorized the first 9 articles of faith!  Well, we are almost ready on the 9th :). 
6.  Max is all about fighting the bad guys and capturing them.  We have had to enforce over and over "capturing" the bad guys, not killing them. Needless to say, I feel very safe when Max is around. 
7.  He loves scripture study and church.  Recently he said two different statements that melted my heart.  We were doing the "going to bed" routine one night and it was a lot later than usual.  As I was brushing his teeth I said, "Let's just say an article of faith for scripture study tonight Max, it is so late."  He pulled the toothbrush out of his mouth and gave me a very serious face and said, "But Mom, we have to read the scriptures!  It is my favorite part about going to bed!"  Talk about being put in my place.  I learn so much from Max  :). 
The other sweet thing he said while we were getting ready for church one morning was, "I can't wait to take the Jesus water and bread in Sacrament meeting Mom, it is my favorite part."  It is times like that I need to remember when I am ready to check out because of our crazy Max...
8. Even though Max is 4, mealtimes are still a major challenge.  If I didn't shove the fork or spoon down that boy's throat, he might never eat.  I don't know how he gets all of his energy...
Jake on the other hand only needs my attention when he is done with his 2nd helping of dinner...sweet Jake :).  Such different eaters I have! 
9.  Max could sit and read books to himself (well, look at the pictures) or have me read to him all day.  I love that about him :).
10. Max loves light. Flashlights, lightning, fire, etc...
11. Max is a planner.  He is always asking, "Mom, what are we going to do after ______?"  Every time I tuck him in he needs to know the plans for the following day.  He is my son I guess :). 
12. Max is just like Tim was when Tim was a kid.  Exactly alike. Stubborn as a mule, and very particular.  He won't let Tim or me get the best of him when we are trying to discipline him.  I am constantly having to think of new parenting tactics. Max will finish eating something sticky or messy and rush to the bathroom to wipe off his face and hands before doing anything else. What four year old does that? 
13. He is in that stage now where he has to do EVERYTHING by himself and do it his way.  Such an independent. 
14.  Max sings all the time.  It amazes me how many songs he knows!  He also is starting to quote movies now.  It cracks me up to listen to him go off on different movie scenes. 
I love Max, and am so blessed to be his mom.  He is so caring, sensitive, honest, hilarious, and wild.  Happy 4th Birthday buddy! 
The birthday boy!

The awful cake I made.  Next year: store bought. Max wanted a blue and green
"4" cake.  That artistic gene skipped me most definitely!

Max wanted to try riding without training wheels since he was a "big 4 year old." 
The verdict: he tried :).
I think the training wheels will need to go back on for a bit :). 

I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off at Max's party, so this is
one of the only pictures I got.  Max is hidden underneath Jay Jay the Clown's arm.  Tim
was the perfect Jay Jay again this year! 

Max and Jake after a lot of sugar, popcorn, and no sleep!  So fun to
celebrate Max's special day :). 

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