Monday, August 18, 2014

Max's First Race!

Max could probably run all day if Tim and I let him. We always joke that Max learned to crawl, then run.  No joke, I think it was the week he learned to walk when he mastered running.  Ever since then, Max has been a running machine.  I can't help but say that I am a proud mother!
  One morning I was out for a run and saw a poster advertising a race right by our house.  Not only did I want to do it, but they had a "fun run" for kids after the 4 miler.  I came home and told Max about it and he was so excited!  Tim wasn't able to come because of a rotation, but me and the boys had a blast!  After the race they had homemade doughnuts (smelling those when I was finishing my race made me sick...) and some games for the kids to do.  Max and his little friend Jude were the youngest runners there and it cracked me up how well they kept up.  The "fun run" was one lap around the track.  After he ran the whole lap without stopping he came up to me and said all cheery, "Mom, I want to do it again!"  So I said okay, and that is exactly what he did!  Way to go Max :). 
The racing man!  He was insistent on wearing his running headband.  I found one of
my old race bibs and pinned it on his shirt to make him official :).   

Max and Jude showing their muscles before the race!

Sweet little Jake!  He had the most important job of all during the race by
keeping that stroller seat company :). 

The runners! 

Since I had Jake and couldn't be Max's partner for the games, a sweet little
girl agreed to be Max's buddy.  She was so cute with him and it made his day :). 
On your mark...get set...go!


  1. Oh, I bet you are a proud Mama! He must be your son :) Super cute, Canda!

  2. That picture of Jake makes my heart happy. So cute!