Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We made it-our green little car chugging along and all!!! It was July 4th, and since it was late at night the whole sky was shooting off fireworks.  It was obvious that Cleveland was welcoming the Ashworths, and it made our arrival that much more exciting!!  Driving from the freeway to the street where we were going to be setting up camp was very ghetto.  I was already tired and sick of driving, and seeing what I saw did not help my mood.  The closer we got to our street though, the safer it became.  We are inside the border of the a sketchier part of Cleveland Heights, and the wealthy part.  I have ended up falling in love with where we live.  I feel safe on our street, and in the surrounding wealthier neighborhoods.  The houses in our city are huge, but are kind of old fashioned.  We love to go on runs and admire all of it!
There is a lake with a running trail surrounding it about a mile up the road, and it has become one of our favorite spots!  We have a grocery store at the end of our street, and Tim is super close to Case.  The library rocks, and I think we will be weekly visitors of it! There is a middle school with a track and an elementary with a play ground right around the corner, which I feel very spoiled living close to! We have 3 LDS families on our street, but only one is in town now.  They have been so nice, and Max has loved getting to know all of the babies his age.(He even had his first kiss with Malorie, the 8 month old cutie across the street...he wastes no time!!) Max and I were invited to go to the zoo with Malorie and another little guy Max's age and had a blast!!  It is free parking and admission every Monday!!   Our ward is small, but I think we will really like it.
Our little house is perfect!  Not only do we have the privilege of having central air and a dishwasher, but compared to a lot of the other 1920 homes on our street, it has stayed in great shape.  We are still in the process of decorating and unpacking, and will take pictures as soon as it's ready.  We have gotten some great deals on furniture, and since Tim and I have never really bought anything new (almost all our furniture since we have been married has been our treasure and another man's trash), I am still having some buyers remorse. Kind of.
Tim is loving med school, and I am so excited for him.  We had his white coat ceremony a couple of weeks ago, and he is official!  There are three other BYU students that are in his class, and we all get along great with them :)  The BYU's are the only ones with kids, and we stick out like a BIG sore thumb.  Oh well, all of the students have been really nice to us.  At least I have moral support from the other wives and kiddos.  I don't know what I would do if it were just me.
We have been so blessed this past month, and can't thank Heavenly Father enough for watching over us.  I am excited about Cleveland, and will keep you all updated on our adventure!
Our crazy little monkey has enjoyed way too much getting into
all the new cupboards, drawers, bathtubs, toilets, closets, etc...
He keeps me on my toes, that is for sure!
This was the night we got to Cleveland, and Max
was so excited to be out of his car seat he could hardly stand it!
We forgot to pack these darn bed frames in the truck, and so
it was an honor to have them between Tim and I the whole
way.  Needless to say, we will never forget to pack
them in the truck again!
One of Max's favorite places to play.  Our closet.  Bless his heart!

We don't have the luxury of bathing Max in my parent's sink
anymore, so he gets a real bath and LOVES it!  I am drenched at the end,
but it is so hot here, I usually welcome it!
All clean!

This is after the white coat ceremony, and bless Tim's heart,
he was so hot in that coat and his dress clothes.  We were
soaking wet by the time we finally made it to our car.  Gotta
love Ohio humidity and heat :) 
The future Dr. Timothy James Ashworth!!!
One of Max's forbidden cupboards.  He is so wild and naughty, but
so cute at the same time!

Tim got a new computer desk and apparently his son did as well.
Max uses and enjoys it as much as his daddy...!
Max's friends- Beau and Malorie!
 It is so fun for me to see him interact with
kids his age.  This is right before we headed into the zoo.

Cassie, Me, and Brooke with the kiddos.  These girls are awesome!

I just love this picture.  My boys!


  1. In high pitched voice, "Oh my goo-oodness!!" Thanks for posting Grim!! You all look so nice and settled in. Tell Max to stop growing teeth until I come to visit. And congrats Tim, you look so official! All I can say is, abadoo dee. Keep the updates coming!

  2. Yay! I am so happy that you guys made it! Hooray for humidity, right? Haha. You will get used to it! What a fun adventure for you! Congrats, Tim and Canda :)