Sunday, July 24, 2011

Got Milk?

This here is Max after weeks of attempting a bottle and Vitamin D milk. I am gradually weaning him, and  it has been SO frustrating.  Max just won't
drink.  Finally, I got the idea of pouring the milk from the bottle onto his graham crackers, and letting them soak it up.  He totally fell for it, and then I started pouring the milk onto a spoon and feeding it to him.  He LOVED it!  So I tried the impossible, and gave him the bottle and he guzzled it right up!  I was so excited, I almost started crying.  It was a miracle.  Max just looked at my like I was crazy, which after trying to have him drink milk for weeks without any luck, I was.
I have tried my little tricks again, and they seem to work a little bit, but Max is starting to out smart me and won't drink from the bottle.  So, we are back to square one.  Any suggestions?!?!?!  


  1. put a little chocolate milk in there, and he will down it in no time.

  2. sounds like you need to go back to the graham cracker method again and start over?...

  3. Oh Canda, he is just the cutest. If you guys are in Cleveland, you are closer to us! (We're in Indiana). Anyway...I completely weened Lincoln from breastfeeding when he was 9 months, but at 6 months I started using formula for half of his liquids. He HATED it at first. I would actually not breastfeed him until the feeding after he would drink from the bottle. My mom told me that Lincoln wouldn't starve himself and it was true. It took 1 week for him to completely like formula. I just had to decide that I wouldn't give in and breastfeed him and when he was thirsty enough he would drink the formula. Maybe some might think it was heartless but it really worked and he never lost any weight and was still a happy baby! I know you aren't switching to formula but rather vitamin D milk. However, this same approach might work for you. Good luck!