Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello!  Life has been so great this past month, and has gone by so fast.  I have been experiencing so many NEW things (whether good or bad).  Some of which have included Max's new crib and only nursing him one time a day (which will only last one more week when he turns 1!!)  I can't believe I almost have a stinking 1 year old little monkey.  We found the crib for a super good deal, and Tim couldn't wait till his b-day to put it up, so it is already being used and abused AND Max loves it!  It took him a couple of naps to get used to it, but so good so far! I put the bumper pad on all wrong, very embarrassing, but I don't think Max cares.  I'll fix it sometime!  As for the bottle feeding, our dude is getting the hang of it.  Thank goodness, it was touch and go there for a couple of weeks.  He is a bottle now; what a relief and blessing :)
So another new addition... we buckled and got a GPS!  We got it for a good deal online.  It was refurbished, so it has some glitches to it, but for the price we got it for, I'll take it.  I am so, so, so bad with directions, and I honestly don't know how I got around without a GPS.  Tim is a pro with maps and directions, but was a champ to let us get it.  It has allowed me so much freedom in this big new place.  Max is also a champ and puts up with me taking him who knows where all the time, but it is better than sitting at home.  And yes, I have still managed to get lost even with the GPS, but I guess I expected that with my seriously retarded direction skills.
Another new and awesome development here in Cleveland are the friends we have been so lucky to make. We have a great ward, and are getting to know all the wonderful families!  We have fabulous neighbors who have kids right around Max's age!  I think I have mentioned before that Tim is in Med School with 3 other former BYU students, and they all are married. We all get along a little too well, and our kiddos play great together. I am so blessed, and know that we are being watched over.
Tim is studying hard for his first set of tests at the end of this week, bless his little heart!  Luckily, the schedule that Case has set up allows him to have enough time to study during the day so we can spend time together most nights.  I can't believe he is already taking tests!
Tim's little brother, David, is getting married in a couple of weeks, and his darling wife-to-be is from Ohio, so they are getting married in the Columbus Temple, which is only a couple hours away from Cleveland!  We are so excited to see them, and are happy for David and Sherry!!
Anyway, that is what is new with us.  Even though we are far from home, Cleveland is starting to feel more like our home away from home!
P.S. Speaking of home, it can't exist without good old BYU Football which starts in less than a month!!!  There are a lot of families that bleed blue around here, so we are in good company come September!!! I can't wait!! Go Cougars :)
This is a video of Max in his crib for his first time! Don't mind my high-pitched voice...
So Max loves this bear.  His name is Snow Bear, and he is so sweet to him.  Snow Bear is special because Tim had this exact Bear when he was little!  If that isn't cool enough, Snow Bear was Tim's moms bear when she was little too!!!  I love it :)  With all the TLC Max gives this little flluf, I don't know if it will make it to my grandchildren, but who knows?!?!  We had to get a video of Max with Snow Bear though!
Max and his friends Elliot and Pepper at the zoo!  They
were such good sports surviving the heat and humidity of Cleveland :)

Here are some of my dear friends, Nicole and Kathy, they are the best!!


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  1. I can't believe he's nearly one! Crazy how fast time flies! I'm glad you have some Cougar fans near you! That's exciting!