Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

Tim's brother David got married this past weekend.  We were SO lucky because his new bride, Sherrie, is from Ohio, so they got married in the Columbus, Ohio Temple! What are the chances that we move to Ohio a month before the big day, huh? It was so fun to see Tim's family, and to go the Temple.  Columbus is about 2 and 1/2 hours away from Cleveland, so not too far.  We love Sherrie, and are so excited for her and David :)  Thank you Ashworths for the super fun weekend, we love you!
The happy couple!  Sherrie looked so pretty :)

Style 101: black pants and white socks...this one
is my fault.  I realized the lack of black
socks at the last minute...Max seems all put out about it, hahaha
Style 201: Black shirt and fuchsia tie...I think Tim looked
great, even though he probably would not have picked
these colors himself.  Thanks for expanding Tim's
wardrobe choices Sherrie!
The Verdict: Both boys looks as handsome as ever!!!
Tim's family at the Temple.
Max and his cousin Theo.  It was fun to see them play so well
together!  Grandma Ashworth gave Max this super soft doggie
for his birthday, and he loves it!  Thanks Grandma!!!
They look so much like cousins!  I love it :)
We were at Bravos, an Italian restaurant for the delicious luncheon.
Max and Theo apparently weren't interested in the food...  
Cutting the cake!  Surprisingly, there was no mess involved :)


  1. Oh my goodness what a beautiful wedding, congrats Ashworth family! Haha, put Max and Theo in a picture together and it's going to be cute no matter what.

  2. So you guys are like the most beautiful family. Seriously Canda you are a serious babe! You all looked stunning!!!! So did the bride of course. What a pretty day!

  3. I was totally thinking the same thing, you look so gorgeous Cands!!! And I think you and Sherrie look a lot alike, she's a beautiful bride! I love weddings, how fun this one worked out to be so close to you guys! Oh and p.s. yay for the gps!!!