Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Max!!!

Our Max turned 1 on August 15!  We celebrated with some of our friends the Saturday before the big day, and had a blast!  Max has been the best little guy this past year, and it has gone by so fast! There have been so many fun stages that we have been able to enjoy! He has made our lives complete, and we love him so much!  Happy Birthday Max!

Here I am in my modified birthday suit
 after eating my birthday cake and ice cream!
Saving some for later...


  1. Oh don't worry it was just me who started the birthday song at higher octaves than dogs can hear haha and my child who was crying in the background while max was trying to enjoy his cake! Please invite us back haha!

  2. Oh Max, you are One year old, OW!!!!! Congrats little buddy, I'm so proud of you! Goodness Grim, you sure know how to throw a party! That cake is always a surefire way to make a pootsie happy. And what a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday! Haha, and fearless little Maxi letting the candle out with his little pudgy fingers....what a guy. Can't wait to see you in.....less than 4 months....AHHHH!!!!

  3. Max looks so big in the cake pictures!! The party looks so fun, brings back good memories! Love you big boy max!