Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week of Misery and Fathers' and Sons'

 This week was the start of potty training Max.  Many of you know how much fun I had doing it...  It was miserable, exhausting, and the most emotionally draining thing I've done since being a parent.  I had to follow Max around for 1 week and say, "Tell Mommy when you have to go potty." If he went on the toilet, I made the biggest deal out of it.  If he had an accident, I tried to keep my cool and say, "It's okay, it was an accident."  We were making such GOOD progress by Day 3, that we declared him pretty much potty-trained.
Unfortunately, we spoke too soon folks.
Day 4, 5, and 6 were a joke.  Max all of a sudden got scared to death of going poop on the toilet.  And I really mean scared to death.  I couldn't go anywhere because he always had to go potty. He would freak out to the major extremes of all extremes. I would try to be patient and not get upset, but the tears came.  There were periods when Max was lying on the bathroom floor screaming his guts out, and I was crouched down crying in the hall way. I was so done.  I was clueless.  I was about to give up.
Luckily, Tim rocks :). Despite Max's serious potty issues, Tim took the little guy to Fathers' and Sons' with him.  Talk about the best thing that could happen for both Max and I.  We were at the point of wanting to kill each other.
After a major deep cleaning of my pee-infested bathroom and house AND a night/morning to myself, I was ready to go again.  Report of potty training at Fathers' and Sons' was, "Ya, the first thing he did when he got out of the car was pee his pants."  Tim opted for diapers, (even though we had "thrown our diapers away because they were only for babies...") and they had a great time.
It has been almost 2 months since we started the potty party with Max.  After a lot of advice, prayers asking for patience and a miracle, and an awesome Grandma who had the best potty treats and prizes, aunts and uncles who can take him potty, Max can now say, "Mom (or) Dad!  I need to go potty!!!!"  He then goes into the bathroom, pushes the stool to the toilet, pulls his pants down, and goes.  Then he pushes his stool in front of the sink and puts about 2 Tablespoons of soap in his little hands and cleans them!  Then he wipes his hands on his towel and yells, "I get a sucker!" or "I get a tic-tac!"  Max can't turn off the water yet, and I'll go in 5 or 10 minutes later to the sink still running.  Sweet little guy :).  He still procrastinates to the very last second to actually go through that process, but he eventually does it.
Thank you Tim and family and friends who kept me going, sane, and alive during all of this.  I am so glad that it is done before the little bean is born next month.  I can't even begin to imagine how it would go with a newborn.  So I won't.  Yay for Max!  He is such a big boy :).
Max and and friends at Fathers' and Sons'

Max thinking, "I am so glad I'm not with my torturing mom right now!"
What else could make him this happy?

Going to bed...

...Waking up?

I am so proud of Tim for taking this many pictures.  I made it seem like I wouldn't
allow them to come back if he didn't come back with pictures, so he was very obedient :). 
You can just smell the syrup all over Max...


The bath after the camp out.  This water wasn't clear for long... I was gone running errands still, and
Tim said he stood right up in the middle of the bath and pooed in the water.  Darling.
The Potty King!  This was taken after about an hour of  weeping, wailing, and
gnashing of teeth trying to get Max to go poo on the toilet.  His tummy-ache
was finally gone!  Of course, the first thing we do is stuff him full of ice cream...

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