Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trip to Boise!

We had such a good time with Tim's family in Boise :).  I am so lucky to have married into such a loving, fun, and awesome group of people!  Our stay in Boise was complete with many trips to the park to entertain Max and play soccer and tennis.  Boise is gorgeous and has awesome parks.  I love it there!  It was fun to see Tim play with his brothers.  Poor guy, he usually gets me, and I am no competition :).
It was SUPER hot for part of our stay there, so we did a lot of water activities: swimming at Moo Moo's (Tim's grandma) pool multiple times, floating the Boise river, playing at the beach, and bringing out Grandma Ashworth's kiddie-pool.  
We went bowling, ate amazing meals (thanks to my mother-in-law), played TONS of games, went on bike rides, got ice cream, jumped on the tramp (Max spent SO much time on that thing!), went shopping, flew kites, and watched movies.  Max, again, didn't want me in sight. He LOVES his uncles: "Bensssster" ( Spencer), Nato, and Tom.  I can't tell you how many times he shoved me away saying, "No mom.  Go away! Only Bentssster can play with me."  Or Grandma, or Grandpa.  Or anyone but ME!  It's okay, I'm just mom.  I love how Max can warm up to anyone he meets.  He is not shy one bit, and I love that about him.  
After having a blast and being spoiled rotten for 2 and a half weeks, it was time to fly back to real life in Ohio.  We left bright and early in the morning, and had to wake up everyone to say goodbye.  Luckily I was still out of it, or I would have been a crying mess. We loved every minute we spent with the Ashworths!  Thank you so much for everything!!  We love you!  
Spencer, Nato, and Max on the way to Boise!  I wish they were in our car with us every road trip!
Max was the best he's ever been :).
Spencer and Tim playing tennis.  Spencer is only 15 and totally rocks
at this sport.  One of the times these two played together, Spencer had
beaten Tim 7 games in a row.  Tim was not happy.  What else to make him
feel better than to whack the tennis ball as hard as he can across the net AND
dislocate his shoulder!  He luckily got it back in himself within about 3 seconds.
Big brothers don't like to be beat by little brothers.  In the Ashworth family though,
that is becoming more and more of a problem...
The boys playing soccer!
My mother-in-law may be a Grandma, but is still young at heart.  This woman
can back flip off the diving board, ice skate like a pro, and do this balance beam.  She
can do much more, too much too mention! I had to take a picture of her doing this :).
Park time!
Look at these dudes doing the dishes.  They look so happy doing it...
Max and Grandma working in the garden.  Mom's garden always looks meticulous :).
Tim staining his parents' fence.  I decided he looked too cute in that
sweet gear, and came out to help him for a couple of hours.  
Spencer, Nato, and Nato's friend Eric with Max on the tramp.  These guys
were such good sports at playing with Max so much.  Especially in the HOT weather!
The delicious birthday dinner that Mom spent ALL day making.  I was one lucky
birthday girl.  The only bad thing was my stomach is squished by this baby, and
I couldn't eat as much as I wanted.  Thank you for the wonderful dinner mom!!
As happy as a birthday girl can be after dinner.  It was soooo yummy!
Grandma and Grandpa Ashworth watched Max while Tim took me out for my birthday.
I love that guy too much :).  
Well hey!
Having a picnic :). 

Tim got to spend a lot of time with Eric, one of his best friends from home.
One Saturday Eric invited Tim fishing up at his cabin for the day.  Tim came home with this picture.
Of course the first thing Tim's mom and I thought was "Hmmmmm..."
(Don't worry, the two beautiful women were Eric's sister and her roommate).
Eric's dad and dog came too, so nothing happened :).  
The brothers playing games.  They probably played this game, and three others
25 times while we were there.  So fun!
The future Doctor Ashworth everyone!
Max and Tim building sand towers at Sandy Point.  Such a fun place!
The "Three Man Stack!"  
Nato and Max :).

Roasting marshmallows in the trampoline pit.  Don't worry, it was only about 101 degrees
outside while we were doing this.  Max didn't care one bit though!
Bowling with Max.  I am the worlds worst bowler.  Hands down.  The next
picture can confirm that.  

I guess I need to get used to being beat by ALL the Ashworth boys.  Including my own.
Tim got the record!  228.  I was so mad, that I stormed off before he added up his total score.
I am not a good loser.  Unfortunately, Tim wins everything. 

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