Sunday, July 21, 2013

Historic Kirtland 5K

Last weekend our awesome stake put on the first annual Kirtland 5K walk/run.  I was SO excited to hear about it, but so bummed when I realized I would be 8 months pregnant right during it.  I totally thought I wouldn't be able to run it.  Tim and I registered a couple of months in advance anyway, me crossing my fingers.
 Well, fortunately, I have been lucky enough to run this whole pregnancy!  Correction: I wouldn't say run, but rather jog VERY slowly.   I had to stop running while pregnant with Max at about 4 months, so being able to run this pregnancy till this point has been awesome (3 1/2 weeks left!)  
My friend was a gem and was going to watch her hubby run the 5K, and offered to watch Max while Tim and I ran the race as well.  It was SUPER hot (no idea why they started the race at 9:00am in mid July in humid Ohio...), but it was a blast!  There were about 200+ runners there from ages 7-70.  The course went up by the Kirtland Temple, the Kirtland Visitor Center, and the Isaac Morley Farm.  It was awesome :).
I felt surprisingly good the whole time and was able to finish a little faster than I thought I would.  Tim, of course, got second place overall with hardly any training.  Way to go babe!
Our ward is the smallest in the stake, but we sure represented!  The best part about the whole race was that is was FREE!  It was great, and I am so glad I did it! (Although, I was a little relieved to see an ambulance and medical team there...just in case my little bean decided to run too!)
After the race!  Nice and sweaty :).
Max looks like a 30 year old in a 3 year old body.  So cute.
Members of our ward who ran!
Tim and Cody with their medals.  Cody got first place overall,
and Tim came in second. Way to represent Cleveland 3rd Ward!
Don't forget about me mom!

Showing off his prize of yummy candy from the
Newel K. Whitney Store.  

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