Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jake's Blessing

We were able to bless our sweet Jacob Timothy Ashworth on December 27, 2013.  My parents are wonderful and drove us up to Boise after a wonderful visit.  When we got to Tim's parent's house, all of Tim's siblings were there!  It was so good to be with every single Ashworth!!  All of our families were champs and quickly got ready for Jake's blessing.  Within one hour of us being there, Tim gave our newest little boy a beautiful blessing.  It was such a sweet experience for me.
After the blessing, we all enjoyed an amazing meal that Alison prepared for us!  I am so blessed to have the family that I do.  I am the luckiest woman alive to be the wife of Tim and the mother of Jake and Max.  My parents and siblings mean the world to me, and I couldn't have asked for a better family to marry into! 
Overall, this special day couldn't have gone better.  Thank you everyone for supporting us and enjoying our sweet little Jake!
Thanks to my talented and awesome Dad, we were able to get some great pictures of Jake's special day!
The man himself! Sweet Jake, we love you so much!

My wonderful parents and in-laws.  The best people I know :). 

I love this picture :).  So near and dear to my heart.  Although, I
wish Jake was looking!

Picture of Ashworth boys...take one...

...take two. What a handsome group of men!

My family!  Jake didn't want to look at the camera all night
apparently.  Oh well, he is still adorable.  Max looks about as cute as ever, what
a sweetheart! 

The Ashworth Family 2013!

This picture was not taken on the blessing day, but
I had to put it in just because.  It wasn't supposed to be
taken as our family picture, but I thought it turned out so cute.
In front of the igloo!
Thanks Dad!!! 

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  1. Canda, we LOVED your blog entries!! Our hearts were warmed to hear the details of your lives and your inner thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. We love all of you so so much!!!