Saturday, September 24, 2011

What do these have in common?

This picture &...
...this picture!!

Sweet little Max chipped his tooth  a couple of days ago, and now I think we will call him "chip"
for short.  I felt so bad for the little guy.  He ate the broken pieces (of course...), so at least
they were put to good use.  It isn't that bad, it could be a lot worse!  He is so
dang cute, that it he can totally pull off the chipped front tooth...right? 
I know this one is kind of blurry, but I just had to put it on!
My sister Elise sent us this Indians baseball cap, and Max LOVES it.
He walks around the house with it on and just giggles and squeals, it is
the best!  Thanks Elise and Ez for sharing :) 

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  1. Oh Grim, that picture just cracked me up! (Pun intended...) What a little sweet heart. Of course he is cute enough to pull it off! Max could grow a mustache,a uni brow, or wear a turban and still look amazing. And oh my goodness, he looks like such a big guy in the hat! Max, slow it down buddy. "Well, what do you think?" As George would say, "He grew too fast."