Sunday, January 15, 2012

The past month

Here we are in 2012!  Life is good, except for the 4 degree weather outside...!  Actually the dread "Cleveland Winter" has been delayed this year, which I am 100% fine with.  Unfortunately, the delay stopped a couple of days ago, and I think we have started the hibernating until April.   Bring on the red box, muddy buddies, and fleece blankets baby!
Tim is getting ready to end his 3rd Block of med school, oh how the time flies.  He works so hard everyday, it makes me tired just thinking about all he does.  He wakes up at either 4:40am or 5:00 (depending on when we go to bed, or how Max does during the night), and does 1 1/2 of homework before he leaves for school.  Bless his heart, he is doing that all for me so we can be together as a family after 6:00pm every weekday night!  I started a nanny job that is 30 hours a week (3 ten hour shifts Wednesday-Friday from 7:30am-5:30pm), and am so grateful that when I'm done for the day, I get to spend a whole night with my boys.  I get to bring Max with me to work, which is a huge blessing.  I watch a 2 year-old little girl from a great family.  It's a lot of work, but we are grateful for it.
This past month was so great seeing friends, family, and celebrating the Holidays!  Leaving both my family and Tim's family were accompanied by many tears and tissues...I was a wreck at both goodbyes.  We sure love our families and can't wait till we get to see them again.  Here are some of our adventures:
Max and his favorite Auntie Annie!  
Here we are! My mom, sisters Elise, and Annie, and Grandma Brockbank.  We stayed
at a darling little house in Manti the night before my cousins wedding and had a blast
eating Dick's Bakery donuts, going to a quaint little restaurant
and staying up way too late talking! Thanks Mom and Dad!  Elise drove
all the way from Cedar City to see Max and I, which was so kind of her.
Her hubby stayed home and watched all the kids so she could come, thanks Bren and Elise!
Annie and I had way too much fun together.  It was the best thing ever being able to spend
so much time with one of my best friends :)
Max and his cousin Theo. Tim's brother and wife, Pete and Tina made us a delicious breakfast,
and Max and Theo had a great time getting reacquainted.  We sure wish you guys lived
closer to us!
Seeing my dear friends was a major highlight of Utah!  I hadn't seen Michelle for almost
2 was such a happy reunion! 
Some of the Holt grandchildren...we couldn't get a still shot as you can see.
My Mom and Dad took us to
the Mandarin (the best Chinese food in the world...) and Devin and Dallin brought
their darling families.  It was so fun to see everyone again :)
Aunt Canda and sweet baby Claire :)  Dev and Christine's first little bundle of joy!
Lovely.  From Utah, my Mom, Dad, and Annie were awesome enough to drive us up
to Boise to see Tim's family.  The car ride was the you can see.  Little Max
was stuffed in the back, what a good sport! Thanks again you guys :)
Max and the black chair.  At Tim's house, this was probably Max's favorite thing to do.
His uncles would plop him on the chair after Max would point begging for minutes at a time
to get on it and spin him around.  Thanks Thomas, Spence, and Nato for playing so great with Max!
The BLOB!!!  Max got a kick of sliding around in one of his uncle's sweatshirt. I
thought he looked hilarious, and had to get a picture :)
Merry Christmas!  Tim's family has a tradition of dressing up and acting out
the nativity every year.  As you can see, Max was thrilled to be the angel this year.
The Ashworth brothers sang a cool arrangement of Silent Night in church on Christmas.
I don't think we'll get a picture like this ever again...classic.  I loved that Christmas landed on a Sunday this year!  The program in the Ashworth's ward was perfect for celebrating Christ's birth. Oh, and don't worry,
the boys didn't wear their costumes for Sacrament Meeting..although I wish we would have tried it...haha just kidding!   
Merry Christmas at the Ashworths!!
Mom and Dad Ashworth took us to this darling little ice cream/candy shop and I had
to get a picture.  I loved all of it...especially the gazillion jars of candy  and fun Christmas decor:)
Happy New Year!!
Don't mind us...PDA!  This was our New Year's kiss...not one of our
best photos...
Dr. Ashworth, and Dr. Ashworth :)

When we came back from Utah and Idaho, we FINALLY got snow and rushed to
good 'ol Walmart to get Max his snow suit :) Sweet little buddy!
If I would have been proactive and sent out a Christmas card this year, this
would have been it!  I wasn't though...what a surprise!
I'm so glad this picture turned out the way it did, but hope Max
isn't scared of Santa next year...
This picture is kind of out of order, but here are my dearest friends from home!
Allie through a yummy breakfast for us all with a dish, caramel apple french toast, that
we used to make as roomies at BYU.  I love these girls so much, and was so glad
we found a time to be together and catch up!
Thank you Mom and Dad Holt, and Mom and Dad Ashworth and everyone else who mad our trip back home a perfect visit!  We loved every minute of it, and are so lucky to have the best families in the world!!  We love you guys :)


  1. OW! Ahh Grim these pictures remind me of the good glad you guys could come out! My personal favorite of these pictures is that lovely one of us in the car....almost as good as the drive to Manti hu? "The Facebook...."

  2. Lols Annie...Canda your hair is so long again! I wish mine grew that fast. Looks like a very fun trip. Wish we could have seen you.

  3. Canda!! I miss you and hope you are doing well!! I'm sad we couldn't be in utah for Christmas this year and see all of you! maybe next year! Good luck with your busy life in Cleveland!!

  4. I'm so glad to see you guys had a great holiday season spent with your awesome family! It's funny to see the picture with you, your mom, grandmother & sisters because you sorta look short next to them! And to me, you're so tall! I'm so glad I'm your neighbor and get to see you tons! Love ya!

  5. Canda,

    This is Becca Williams (Doutre). You should know that I most definitely stock your blog. Hope that's okay. Max is so adorable I can hardly stand it. It sounds like everything is going so well for you and that you're keeping busy. Hope that all is happy as can be! P.S. If you want updates on me, my blog is