Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh Spring and Popcorn!

We have been having such a good time lately with the Cleveland's amazing Spring weather!  I keep meaning to post certain things, and then I remember that I don't even have time to brush through my hair or unload the dishwasher!! We also celebrated Tim finishing his first year of Medical School!!!!!  I am so proud of him, he worked soooo hard!!  Good job dude, you rock!  One down, three to go :)  Here's what we've been up to lately:
We got a new I-bert bike seat and use it probably 5 times a week!  Max LOVES it,
and calls it "Bye-bye."  
Feeding the ducks at the duck pond.
So everybody has there favorite things to do.  Max's top 2 are, #1 Popcorn, and #2
Listening to the BYU Football fight song.  Tim is responsible for #1, and I guess I should
take the blame for #2...!
Playing at parkdays with my friends!
Like Father, like son...need I say more?
Max hardly ever looks into the camera and smiles...oh well, he is still stinking cute :)
I am shocked he has no bruise on his forehead for this picture...he sure does now!
Swimming with Pepper, Story, and Elliot!  Max actually was in the pool for about 2 seconds
to take this picture, and then freaked out from all the splashing.  My goal this summer is to
make this Max Obsession #3!
Me and Kailee's primary class pool party!  We team taught the 4 year-olds in our
super small primary and loved it!  These kids rocked :)  You can see Max being a swimming whimp
in the very back...sweet little buddy!
I mentioned we go on bike rides all the time, and now, thanks to my awesome  husband
surprising me with this bike rack for Mother's Day, we can bike anywhere we want!!  Seriously,
I don't know how I lived before we started going on bike rides.  It is easy, free, convenient, and SO fun! 
Pepper, Elliot, and Max!  We had a party for our awesome first year  med school hubby's ! Good job boys!
Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the future Doctors of America...haha!
(Tim and Taylor using Taylor's tire swing in back yard...all the guys took a turn!)
Why wouldn't you trust these men with your life?  
Love this picture :)
My first popsicle experience... 
Not quite sure what to think about the freezing sugar to my teeth...
This picture could go on a popcicle box...oh Max, we sure love you buddy!


  1. Oh my gracious guys are just the sweetest little family in the world. I love all the biking! That picture of you and Max is so stinkin cute. That seat is awesome! Love it. Glad to see that Tim is still being Tim....classic.

  2. I think he looks so much like you, but totally has Tim's hair line haha

  3. are a babe! You rock those white pants like it's nobody's business :) So glad to see you guys doing well! Sure love you!!!