Thursday, February 7, 2013

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today!

So Today, Max and I went to Costco.  We hadn't been in a couple of months, so we basically bought the whole store.  The line took forever, and I was anxious to leave since we had somewhere to be at noon, and it was 11:30am.  To make maters worse, I realized I forgot something and had to leave my place in line and run to the very back of the store to grab it.  (It may or may not have been a Rotisserie Chicken...I know, not necessary, but...well, it was necessary.)  After going through the line again and checking out, Max and I booked it in the parking lot with my HUGE cart full of everything.  While we were running like lunatics, something in the bottom attachment of my cart started to fall without me knowing, and a man loading grocery carts stopped me to let me before I ran over it.  He then said, "Ma'am, let me help you load these groceries into your car and you worry about your baby.  Free of charge!"  I just looked at him in awe and said, "Okay!"
He then proceeded to break out into song at the top of his lungs and load my groceries into the back of my car.  I was so grateful for him, he not only saved me time, but made my day!  After I had buckled Max into his seat and turned my car on to heat us up, I thanked him.  Then in his booming singing voice he sang to me, "Not a problem, have a WONDERFUL day!"
Here is this man who loads and unloads grocery carts at Costco for a living and was happier than I had been all week.  What an eye opener this was to me about being happy and optimistic no matter what your circumstance.  Life is better that way.  Thank you Costco Man for your wonderful example and selfless service!


  1. Ahh Grim I just love this. What a good reminder! You are the best, sure love you!

  2. Love this post! It's just so true. It makes you realize that you can also do something little, and it can have a huge effect on someone's day. A good reminder! Sure love you Canda! I would LOVE to catch up with you, but I don't think I have your number anymore, since I got a new one. But maybe we can fix that??