Monday, May 12, 2014

Grandma Holt Visit!!

My mom came to visit us last month, and we had so much fun!  It is so good to see her and to catch up on lost time together.  We anticipated her arrival for months, then because of the wonderful time had by all, she came and was gone just like that!  I wanted to have her come when we could just "play and relax."  It seems like she visits her kids when there is a new baby or something crazy that heightens her work load 500%!  But of course, even though nothing too crazy was going on with us, she still worked, helped, and spoiled us rotten way more than she should have!  We went on tons of walks, we biked, made/ate tons of delicious food, played a lot of Ticket to Ride (mom creaming Tim and I 2 out of the 3 times we played it!), survived Amish Country with two kids..., shopped, got pedicures, watched fun movies during naptimes (I am a little out numbered boys to girls at my house, so it was nice to enjoy some "girl" entertainment with someone who appreciated it!), went to the Temple (my mom graciously made the all day trek to Columbus and back so Tim and I could do a session), storytime, and celebrated a wonderful Easter! She even watched my boys in the mornings so I could run after luxurious nights of sleep on our guest air mattress for a week. So sorry Mom! Max and Jake were in their glory with Grandma Holt around.  She is so great with them and they love being with her.  Tim came home after she had been with us for a day or two and said, "Wow, Canda!  You are in such a good mood when I get home at the end of the day now...!" Needless to say, it was a joy to have my Mom come!  We miss and love you Grandma Holt!
Out to breakfast at a yummy pancake house!  (No, that cute little girl isn't mine...I watch her 3 days a week.)

A day full of Amish Country isn't complete without "Super Hero" ice cream.  Max was out of his mind happy as you can see!  My mom spoiled all of us way too much on this outing.  Despite the all day event it was, we had a lot of fun :). 

Yes, he ate that entire bowl :). 

So glad we were able to hit up a few Amish stores for my mom.  Loved seeing the cute Amish outfits on the ladies and the awesome beards on the men.  Max loved the occasional horse and buggy trotting down the streets.  I feel bad that we didn't have time to go to the really neat places further from our house. I guess that means she'll have to come back again before we move! 
My boys faces all week thanks to their awesome Grandma Holt! 

Grandma Holt and Jake!  We went and had a picnic at a park after the Temple trip.  It was such a pretty day and a perfect activity before we drove back home. 

Could this picture get any cuter?  Easter morning right before church :). The boys look so
cute in their matching outfits thanks to Grandma Holt! 

Me and my mom at Daffodil Hill.  It is only in bloom for a few weeks in April, so we were
glad we got to see it! 

Our delicious Easter dinner and wonderful company!  Chicken cord on bleu, perfect pineapple, salad, rolls,
and homemade carrot cake.  YUMMY!  My mom gets all the credit for the cute table :). 



  1. What a fun visit! I have always admired your mom. What a great woman!

  2. Canda, I can't tell you how much we love reading your blog. It was the central feature in our FHE tonight! Mom had the time of her life visiting you guys. Thanks so much! We love you all!!