Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Time!

We have been having so much fun spending time with our families recently!  Max's cousin, Mason (Dallin and Callie's 2nd little boy), is about 9 days older than him, and whenever they are together, there is never a dull moment!  We were celebrating my brother Devin's 24th birthday!!  Happy Birthday Dev :)
Last weekend we  were able to go up to Boise and see Tim's family!  We had so much fun playing, laughing, talking, eating, and watching Max play with his uncles, Grandma and Grandpa Ashworth, and Max's Great-Grandma Moo Moo (her nick name!)  We love Boise, and always look forward to our trips up there.  Thanks for the awesome time!
One other recent highlight that just happened was being able to watch the #3 BYU Men's Basketball team slam San Diego State down!  Max dressed up for the game, and was proud of the win.  GO COUGARS!!!  Oh, and speaking of BYU my little sister Annie just found out last week that she got accepted to BYU for this coming Fall 2011!  We are so proud of her, and so excited for her to go to the Y!!!
Grandpa Holt holding Mason and Uncle Devin holding max!
Mason and Max playing with tissue paper from Uncle Devin's
Birthday present.  Who needs real toys? 
Grandma Ashworth playing with Max!  He loved playing with her!!
The coolest baby toy Max has ever seen :) 
Grandma Ashworth, Max, and Uncle Tom
Grandpa Ashworth, Max, and Uncle Nathan
Moo Moo with Max.  She was not thrilled that I was taking her picture,
but I did it anyway!

Moo Moo hiding her face from the camera.  She is so
sweet to us and little Max.

Max and his Grandpa Ashworth having boy time!
Well hello there!
Go Cougars!!!


  1. Max is quite the handsome little guy! Glad you guys are enjoying quality time with your families.

  2. Max is such a cutie! I love all the pictures! Tell Annie Congrats on getting accepted to BYU! That is wonderful!!