Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Men in a Suit

On Sunday, both of my boys were sitting on the couch, and both of them were still wearing their Sunday best, and I ran and got my camera.  My Aunt gave Max this darling little suit, and even though it is still a little too big for him, it fit him well enough.  He just looks like the cutest little man!  This next week he is going to turn 7 months!!! 
My other man, Tim, just started a job at a plasma donation center at the U.  He works so hard there, and then comes home for a quick dinner and breather, and then runs out the door to go and tutor math to some local kids in high school, a mother of three going back to school, and an engineering student at the U.  He is so busy, and I hardly get to see him, but we are so grateful for the jobs he has.  There is a slight chance that he might start an internship in New Mexico this summer...we'll keep you posted.  Tim is such a good Daddy and Husband, we sure love him!!!