Monday, March 28, 2011

Ticket to Ride anyone?

So since me and my boys have moved in with my parents, we have become officially addicted to the game Ticket to Ride.  I think we take about 2 or 3 doses of it per week, and are constantly having withdrawals when we're not playing.  It is rather odd because 1- this game takes FOREVER to play with a big group of people and a 7.5 month old crazy baby boy, 2- my dear sweet husband kills all of us over and over and over again, but yet we still keep opening that darn box, 3- Ticket to Ride is a very competitive game, and when another player interferes with someone else's game plan, very bad and negative feelings are felt from everyone (which usually last hours) around the table that could be cut with a knife-quality knife, and 4- my dad isn't much of a game guy, but for some reason he LOVES Ticket to Ride, and would play it at any hour of the day if he could.  He is the best to play with.
Although there is no picture of it, we took a dose of our drug yesterday afternoon, and I wasted everyone.  I think I have only won once before, so I made sure everyone knew how excited I was all day about my triumph.  It was wonderful.
Who knows, maybe someday we will need to ban this game from our family, but for now, we are all still hoppin' on the train!
This is a clip from one of our intense rounds, and I  think Tim did something to make Annie pretty upset.  Gotta love it!


  1. Canda
    I think it is awesome that you won. Way to go.
    .... but wait till next time!


  2. Canda! I'm absolutely addicted to this game as well! Have you guys tried the expansion pack? It makes it even better!!! We should play sometime!

  3. awesome clip...just wish it would have been I see a new furniture set up in the background there?