Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16

You would think that I would have caught on by now with blogging and stop waiting 40 years between each post, but I guess I'm still learning!  Life is good for the Ashworths right now!  We leave in a month and a half for Ohio, and are so excited!  Between now and then we get to go to my little sister Annie's high school graduation (whoot whoot for Annie!), visit Tim's family for the last time, go to Bear Lake with my family, and get to have both of my sister's families stay with us!!! We are thrilled we get to see so much family before we move far away.  Too far away.  I have lived so close (within an hour) of family my whole life, so moving across the country is going to be a big adjustment, but a wonderful adventure as well!

Max turned 9 months yesterday, which is crazy!  He has two bottom teeth, and whole lot of drool (which means more teeth are shortly on their way...)  He is a super active little crawler, climber, biter, pooper, squealer, etc...  We wouldn't have him any other way though!  

Here is what we have been up to lately:
Max's new haircut!!  He is so handsome!!!

Max's new favorite thing is to ride on Tim's shoulders.  I think
Tim enjoys it just as much!  

Tom Sawyer anyone? 

Ow Ow!  Tim, bless his heart, aerated 4 lawns last Friday to
earn some extra cash and did a wonderful job!  I handed out
100 flyers to a neighborhood in Centerville, and 4 people
called back, which was more than we expected!!  Go Tim!

The happy man himself :)

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  1. your little guy is so cute! I can't believe it's been 9 months!! It is so hard to be this far away from family, but you get used to it and being with your little family will help.