Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15 Months and Counting!

Max is officially 15 months today! He is the sweetest little thing that ever happened to us, and we are so grateful for him.
He is such a mischievous little boy, and knows it too!  He is always getting into cupboards, drawers, bags, papers, etc...that he shouldn't.  He will make eye contact with whoever caught him, smile, and then run off as fast as he can while waving his hands in the air and mumbling something that sounds like Russian.  
He gives the best kisses, with the fish lips and everything.  Tim and I will usually kiss after we pray, and just from watching us, Max caught on and now will make a kissing noise after every prayer, so great!
Ever since Max fell down our front steps head first, he is deathly afraid of stairs, and will just stand at the top of whatever stair case we are on and look down at his fate...!
He can go down a slide by himself, and even land on his feet...well some of the time.
Max would take his tooth brush everywhere with him if we let him.  He LOVES babies (Max says 'Behbe'), and will always lean his head to one side and talk in a high-pitched-voice anytime we see one.
Snow Bear (Max says him 'Bobehhhhhhh' in a high pitched voice, and gradually will go up in pitch) is still his favorite stuffed animal, although his doggie from Grandma Ashworth is in close second!
Max could stay outside all day and run up the walkways of our neighbors houses.  I don't know what it is, but going up the walkways is apparently 'in' right now with 15 month old kiddos.
 He loves to go up to a tree trunk and hug it while looking up as far as his little eyes will let him.
Max loves to read, and I will catch him sitting down on the floor with tons of books opened while he mumbles in a, once again, high-pitched Russian mumble.  I could watch him for hours.
Max is so sweet to pictures of Jesus, and will always give Him kisses.
Max loves his Daddy, and stops whatever he is doing when he hears those keys in the door at 5 or 6 o'clock.  He'll run to the front door and as soon as Tim is seen, Max will reach for him with his head back and a huge smile on his face!  I think I have teared up only a couple of times watching that...
Max bleeds blue, and could watch BYU Football all day.  He will climb up on Tim's lap and watch the game for a good chunk of the game (don't worry, I have had no influence on this one...)  Everytime he sees a game going on he will throw his arms up in a touchdown (he says 'duhdowh') about 68 times expecting our attention on everyone of them :)
Max loves to eat frozen peas, cubes of cheddar cheese, chicken nuggets, anything sweet, his bottle, tomatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, graham crackers, raisins, beans, eggs, and anything off the floor.  Tim and I have to applaud and give Max a standing ovation when we try to give him anything besides the food I listed. After our celebration of Max having a bite of whatever he doesn't like, he will nod his head in excitement and clap his hands. It is the only way we won't find it on the floor, gotta love positive reinforcement.
As many of you know, Max is OBSESSED with trucks.  Enough said.   
He can say Dada, shishee (fishy), Duhhhhh (truck), seesishh (Jesus), and Duh for about everything else (his shoes, socks, dog, or anything he points to!)
He is soooo ticklish, and loves when Tim will go to town as the tickle machine.  Tim will also throw him up, spin him around, pull rugs from under his feet, and make him soooo dizzy and then set him down to see how many walls Max will run into...don't worry, Max doesn't get hurt too often when Tim is playing with him!  No really, Max loves it more than anything.

We love you so much Mr. Max, and can't believe how fast you are growing up!!!!  Keep up the good work buddy :)
I took these today right after he woke up from a nap!  Here he is, in all of his glory :)
My day is complete with this face I tell ya!
Don't mind the perfectly matching socks...

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