Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dance Like A Monkey!

Well Max can officially be called "Crazy Little Monkey" now!  My sister Elise sent a darling monkey costume for Max, and he LOVED it!  He actually won some costume contests in it, we were so proud :)
Trick-or-Treating was a blast, especially Max and his dad going up to all of the spooky houses.  I stayed behind to take pictures...not because I was scared of the dummy hung by a noose in the tree, or the one in the electric chair that would shoot sparks...or the one with the guillotine... haha!  
Oh what a night!  He was all tuckered out from the fun :)  Sweet Little Monkey!

Speaking of all tuckered out, this is what was happening at the Ashworth's
while Dad was studying in his dungeon, and Max and I were bored.
Who needs bedtime stories, right?
Oh, and excuse Max for the burp at the end...I promise we teach him manners...!

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  1. I swear I've been commenting on your posts and for some reason they're not showing up.
    Max is the cutest little monkey ever! And what a dancer! He and Ez will have to do the "boogies" when you get to town! Can't wait!!!
    btw--I loved reading and looking at all the pictures in your last post! Such a pretty fall, I love it!