Thursday, October 27, 2011

Picture update!

Who knew how busy life could get?  I have started to blog, and then surprisingly enough, I get interrupted.  Sometimes it is a legit phone call or knock on the door, but most of the time it is Max attempting to go to the ER for the #438 time. Seriously, if I leave him alone for even half a second, I will hear a BANG or CLOMP or SHATTER...then a pause...then the cry that every mother has nightmares of.  One thing is for sure, Max is a ALL boy climbing, exploring, diving, pulling, eating, jumping, etc... We have been lucky so far (knock on wood), but I don't think it will be too long before we will have to go.  Maybe it will be accident #524.  We'll keep you posted.
So, I hate doing the "picture updates," but I guess they have to happen every once and while, especially since I am kind of using the blog as a journal and would love to have some kind of chronological structure!  So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Oh the fall in Cleveland!  We love it here, and are sucking in each moment with so much

enjoyment.  There are so many beautiful parks that are really close to us, and
we have gone to as many as we can while the weather is still good. Max would live outside
if we let him, so we hop in the stroller with our good friends whenever we can :)
Soooo pretty!

Just me and my Dad...

This is the park that is right above Horseshoe Lake and we can't get enough of it!!

Cleveland celebrates Columbus Day which is awesome!  We
got a group together, and walked down to the parade. Max had a blast looking
and pointing at all of the "Duhhhh" (Trucks)!  It was so fun and exciting for both of us,
we will definitely go again next year! 
Of course, the beads were his favorite part (haha), and he wore them for days :)  
So intent...

I just had to put this picture in, it is too cute to leave out!
Sweet little buddy!
We went to the children's museum that is on Case's campus last
week with our friends the Millburns.  I bet you can't guess what Max  spent
most of his time doing...oh yes, the trucks.  He couldn't get enough of them!
Have I mentioned that we have a 100% boy?
Darling Mallory was a great sport with Mr. Max the Truck Driver...they
play so well together!

Aren't we something else?!?!  So our friends decided to have a Halloween party
last weekend.  We weren't going to dress up
 (A, because we have no money and B, because I have no creativity)
 , but at the last minute we changed our minds.  I thought, "What could Max be
that is free, and that Tim and I could compliment?"  I stood puzzling and puzzling till
my puzzler was sore, then I got an idea!
  An AWFUL idea...(haha, yes I am a Grinch geek)!  Since Max
was named after the dog in the Grinch (not really), I decided he could go as
himself...!  Tim gets all of the credit for Max's costume.  He traced his hands
on some brown felt I bought, then sewed the
antlers onto the head band (I didn't even tell him
how to do it, he thought of the sewing all on his own!)
He also was Max's make-up artist.
I decided to go as Cindy Lou-Who, and Tim helped me do the
whole cup hair-due...I was sure lovely...
Finally, we needed a Grinch!
 My dear husband did not complain that he got the position.
I was able to find an old Grinch t-shirt from high school, and some green face paint.
Then, I went all over, ALL OVER, and finally found a blasted Santa Hat.
The party was a blast, and we actually won some prizes for
best costume!  My awesome sister Elise sent Max a real
Halloween costume a few days ago, and so he will be able to
feel like a real kid on Halloween.  We'll be sure to take pictures,
thanks Elise, you're the best, and Happy Halloween everyone!!

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  1. I'm so jealous of the fall you guys get! Very creative costume! I hope your puzzler feels better.