Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Mr. Max!!!!

Wow.  My sweet little buddy is now TWO!  I can't believe it.  I better stop calling him sweet little buddy, he is old enough now to get embarrassed by his mushy mom...!  Max is so sweet.  All week he has had this crazy fever that comes and goes as it chooses, and of course, it decided to come full-swing on his birthday.  I made BBQ steak for him (he usually pounds it), and all he had to eat was beans and blueberries.  We think he is getting two-year-old molars in, so hopefully he'll be in good spirits soon!
Max is now starting to say the two-worded sentences, and it cracks me up how cute he sounds.  He remembers that it rained last week pulling into the library parking lot and says it every time we go there now.  He LOVES kitties, doggies, birdies, etc... I'm the mean mom who won't let my husband or little boy get a cat someday, shouldn't it be the other way around?  Max could read stories all day.  His current favorites: Cosmo visits BYU and The Hungry Caterpillar (thanks both Grandma Ashworth and Grandma Holt!!).  Oh speaking of Grandmas, it is depressing being so far away from them, but he LOVED seeing them and his uncles, aunts, and cousins this summer (blog post to come...)!  He is still a BYU Cougar true and true!  While we were in Utah, I let him peek inside a "no-public-practice" for the football team for about 2 minutes.  When we were going to get in trouble for watching too long, I decided it was time to go.  Max screamed his guts out while leaving...needless to say, it made me proud to have raised such a big cougar fan!  Firetrucks, police cars, motorcycles, and "fast cars" are a big deal to Max.  It makes driving in the car all the more fun!  Leap Frog Letter Factory is a blessing and a curse...Max watches it once (sometimes more that once, but hardly ever...) a day.  He know all of his letters and points them out when he sees them on the road, at the store, in a book, and around the house.  We're working on his numbers now too.  I can take no credit in teaching him the ABCs...way to go LeapFrog!  Max's best pal is his "Dada."  The #1 sentence fragment he says is, ""  It makes for a long day since we would both love Dada to be home all day!  Tackling, flipping, running, tickling, reading, singing, passing and kicking footballs/soccer balls, and sneaking all sorts of treats are some activities my crazy boys do together :)  Max still takes Snow Bear around everywhere with him...let's hope he lasts till next year?!?!?  Max's favorite things to do right now are Story time, walks with his friends, eating popcorn, playing with his trains, singing primary songs, ready-set-go races around the house, bike rides, dancing crazy, eating smoothies, swinging, swimming, picking his nose, and putting his hands down his pants get the point.  He is 23 pounds (8th % in his age...) and growing (let's hope)!  He is quite the little man, and we love him so much!!
Before haircut...

...After haircut

Who would have known that this was taken right after
a trip to the ER while visiting Grandma and Grandpa Holt?
That is one of the things I love about Max, he really doesn't
let the bad things get him down.  
Was up?

That's my boy!

Love this picture!

It's hard to tell, but this is right after a super traumatic experience of touching
the candle on the birthday cookie instead of blowing it out.  Every time we sing  "Happy Birthday"
now, he bursts into tears remembering this :(  
We sure love you Max, keep up the good work dude!  


  1. that pic with the y in the back is classic

  2. He is getting so big! He is too cute Canda.