Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Post!

The Fall-time in Ohio will never, ever get old for me.  I am in awe of how pretty it is!  I just can't get enough, really!  It is colder this year than it was last year, but we have still had a lot of good-ish weather days to enjoy the beauty.
It has been a hectic/busy couple of months, full of a toddler being two, tons of church activities, Tim's school load being heavier than normal, pumpkin patches, soccer/football intramural games, bike rides, BYU football, and finding every excuse to make fall treats! (Sorry for the super long post again...I tried to delete some of the pictures from this post, but then it would delete all of the pictures...)
What you see is what you get...
Toddler. Alone. 1 minute. Mom and Dad's room.
Zoo Trip!
So disappointed in my traitor-husband...
It is BYU football season at our house, and we're loving it :)
This is during the Boise State vs. BYU game.  No comment on the outcome...
True BYU Fan
Let's pull it together for this Saturday Cougs!
Okay, so there is a place called Patterson Farms that is about 30 minutes away from our
house.  It has a "Fall Family Fest" every year and a to-die-for bakery with the BEST maple doughnuts  and apple
fritters.  My friend and I drove out one afternoon with our boys and, without knowing it, we drove to
Patterson's store, not the actual Family Fest.  Regardless, we still had a great time, and ate too many
doughnuts!  Max and Quinn chilling with the pumpkins :)
"Aw shucks mom...!"
Max and his Mommy!  Reluctant Max being pinned down, because holding still
is never in the cards for this kid.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!!!!!!! THE BIG 27!!!! I am married
to a geezer....just kidding.  We love spoiling our Daddy, and did it by
having the traditional Pork Spare Rib dinner.  Tim actually had a soccer intramural
game on his birthday, so we had the dinner the night before.
The day of his birthday we rode our bikes to this gorgeous board walk enjoyed
the pretty fall leaves and let Max run crazy!
We are so lucky to have places like this so close to us!  So pretty!
Max loving all the leaves :)
So I have mentioned before that Max is obsessed with copying
everything his Daddy does.  This picture cracks me up because he
saw that Tim's feet were able to touch the bench.  Max realized that
his legs were too short and flipped out.  You can see him pointing down with
his finger to show you the injustice of his leg length.  Poor little guy :)

Max in his glory!

So this place is the actual Family Fun Fest I talked about.  We were so impressed
with how dang cute and fun it was!  It is the perfect pumpkin patch, and we want to go
back hopefully one more time this year! Max and I running to the fun :)

It was gorgeous that day!  The trees in the background of this picture surrounded the
whole entire farm, it was so pretty.

This was one of many life-size tractors for kids to climb into.  Having
fun is an understatement for Max!

They had activities for all ages, even 27 year olds!

A sand box full of trucks...could life get any better?

They had a huge area of hay stacks with slides and tunnels.  Max LOVED this!

I can't remember the last time I swung in a tire swing, but this one was sure big enough :)


Tim in the tree house.  I wish I could have taken a better picture of
the whole things, it was pretty awesome.

There was a tractor ride that took us back to our car
after we played around on all the fun.  Every 2 year-olds' dream!

So excited!

This was the giant slide the Fun Fest had.  Max climbed right up the steps and had
no fear going down.  It was so fun to see him all grown up!

The view from the tractor ride.  Love Ohio in the Fall!

We will definitely come back next year!

They look kind of diseased and sad, but attempt to make pumpkins.  There was
supposed to be green leaves with frosting, but I was too lazy to add that detail :)

First painting experience.  He could have done this all day!

Making cookies with Mommy.  I was a big help :)

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies!

Max has been obsessed with tucking his "guys" in lately.  Here he is right when he woke up
one morning :)

Ward service project!

I love service!

After the service project, we headed to a Metro Park and enjoyed a long bike ride and picnic!

I'm trying to get in as many runs with the stroller as I can before it gets too cold!
Max and I sing songs, recite the ABC's, and count while we go.  I think
runners/walkers passing me think I'm insane...don't blame 'em!

I asked our Landlord if she would leave some of the raking for us!  After all,
it isn't much of a chore :)  Max had a blast!

We worked really hard...!

Showing his muscles.  The only way we can get this dude to eat
at mealtime is if we tell him he'll become strong like a football player.
After each bite, he usually shows us how strong he is getting :)
Yesterday, he pointed to the drawer with the camera in it, and wanted
me to take a picture of him showing his muscles.  We have quite the body
builder.  Love all of the stains on his shirt, way to go buddy!


  1. What a fun fall! And a beautiful place too!

  2. OWW!!! Grim what a magical season! You guys sure know how to have fun. Love ya!