Saturday, October 6, 2012

Trip Out West Summer 2012

Okay, so don't judge me.  I have put posting this summer off long enough!  We had SUCH a wonderful time going back home this summer to see family and friends.  Cleveland is sooooo far, and soooo $$$$ from Utah and Idaho!  We were lucky and thrilled to get to spend so much time with those we don't see very often!! Max and I flew out to Utah at the end of June and spent about a week and a half with my family.  Then we flew up to Boise, met Tim there, and spent a couple weeks with Tim's family.  Then me, Tim, and Max drove back down to Utah where we got to see my sister Elise and her sweet family. Then, I stayed in Utah for a couple more days while Tim and his most of his brothers and their Dad drove back up to Idaho to go backpacking at Ship Island Lake. PHEW!  Did you follow all of that?  We had such a great time, it went by way too fast!! Here are our adventures: (Warning, this is the longest post I've ever done, and will ever do, so please quit when you feel like you're ready to pop!)
Aspen Grove!  We got to go see Annie in action as a counselor!  She was a  Romper (ages 0-2)
counselor this past summer, just like I was in 2009!!!  Gotta love Family Camp :) This was the day
Max and I flew in from on top of a long airplane ride, no sleep, going up and down Provo Canyon,
Max couldn't take it anymore.  He decided to puke, big-time puke, all over Grandma and Grandpa Holt's brand new car!  What a great way to start off the trip...sigh...
My mom, sister-in-law Christine, sister-in-law Callie, Annie, me, and sweet baby Henry
(Dallin and Callie's 3rd little boy) all went shopping and out to lunch at Salt Lake City's new City Creek
mall.  It is pretty awesome. This was all courtesy of Grandpa Holt and Uncle Devin watching the kids.  Thanks boys!
Max with long hair...much to Grandpa Holt's dismay.  Finally, after much peer pressure from Grandpa to cut
Max's hair, I finally gave in.  I was so scared that his darling curls wouldn't grow back. (When Tim was a baby, he
had hair like this too, and his Mom cut the curls off, and they never grew back...).  Luckily, it has grown
out again with curls!!  Yeah!!
Very professional, I know...sweet little Max!
Notice the chocolate bar and popcorn to try to calm him down...didn't seem to work!
Not quite sure if I like it Mom...but it's okay, I still have popcorn left over!
Max and Grandpa Holt.  Max enjoyed his first ice cream cone.  Love this picture!
Hanging out with cousin Claire!  She is so dang cute!!
Max loved playing with Claire :)  She was such a good sport to put up with all the Maxisms...
Me and Annie!  
No comment... 
Grandma Holt got a little pool for the backyard!  Clearly, the sun
was in our eyes for this picture :)
Max got reacquainted with the famous Uncle Joe at the Lion House (mmmmmmm!) .
  Joe will get any kid to like him in a matter
of minutes after meeting them.  He is pretty great :)  My cousin Bruce's daughter Hailey is on Joe's other leg and is
so stinkin' cute! 
This is Max right after his visit to the ER.  Yes, a trip wouldn't be complete without that , right?
He had a coughing attack and couldn't breathe.  After he started turning blue, and I was hysterically crying ,
we took him in.  Luckily my brother Devin drove us there in record time and Max was okay.  He had a croupy cough and was given a breathing treatment and steroid.  My mom stayed with Max and I for almost 3 hours.  It was interesting to find ways to entertain a two year old when all you have are stickers and a cell phone.  So glad he was okay, and thanks to Dev, Dad, and Mom for being so awesome!!   
Celebrated the 4th of July!  I ran a 5k with my dear friend Michelle earlier that morning,
and my parents took Max to the good old 53rd ward sunrise breakfast!  
We went on a hike up by the Bountiful Temple.  Max was in heaven :)  I miss the mountains!
Max could have spent all day throwing rocks into the river.  Such a pretty hike!
And we're on to Idaho!  I can't tell you the number of minutes/hours we spent on this trampoline.
I still can't believe that Tom is the only Ashworth boy (out of seven) who has broken a bone!  Max LOVED
the trampoline, "leeeen!"
Uncle Spencer and Max.  Spencer was so dang cute with Max, Tim and I are convinced he is going
to go into something with pediatrics.  He is so good with kids :)
A boy and his stick.  We went boating at Lucky Peak with Tim's family.  A nice man in their
ward took us, and we were there all day!  Thanks so much for the fun in the sun!!
Spencer, Max, Tim, and Tom getting skin, when you're with the Ashworth family,
it is sunscreen like crazy, or you're in big trouble :)  Nothing wrong with that! 
In the boat. I am surprised Max did so well with a full day in the sun and no nap.
Way to go buddy!
No fear!  Max wasn't scared for a second being pulled on the raft!!  He is his Daddy's son :)
All the boys got up skiing!  This is Nato, his first time!  So awesome!
Thomas hitting the waves!
Ow Ow!  Tim had such a blast with his brothers.  I am so glad that he has them
to be crazy and dangerous with.  I am kind of a chicken when it comes to certain things...but I'm getting
Spencer wake boarding!
Nato and Max playing with water guns!  Max is so lucky to have so many fun uncles!
Relaxing at the Sandy Point beach that is close to the Ashworth's house :)  We sure got our
fill of swimming in!  
Max and Grandma Ashworth!  
Max and Grandpa Ashworth.  We went bowling, and I'm sure you can all imagine
how helpful Max was.  Grandpa was kind enough to take him around while we all played!
This is definitely one of those activities where I'm so glad Tim has his brothers, and not just his
pro-bowler wife.  Totally kidding about the pro-bowler wife. 
The guys

There is a place called Planet Kid close to Tim's house that is every kids paradise!
Max thrived in the toddler section, and was almost too big for it.  Next time we visit,
he'll definitely be climbing around on the "big-kid" toys :)  
The counsel, "Immerse yourself in the Scriptures," was heeded by this guy.
That is what mom gets when she leaves her scriptures on the dresser in arms length of the pac 'n' play.
We all wondered why he was so quiet falling to sleep that night...
Lesson learned.
Theo, Max, and Grandma playing at the park.  Max loved all of the cousin and Grandma time he got this trip!
Spencer, Max, and Theo having way too much fun :)
We were so excited to be able to attend Spencer's Eagle Court of Honor.  Way to go dude!
Talk about a proud mom here.  All of the Ashworth boys except Alex, who is on a mission :)
And back to Utah!  There is a fire truck park by my house.  Max was beyond happy there, it was
pretty cute to watch.
Pete and Tina, Tim's brother and his wife, recently built a home in Erda, Utah.  It is sooo nice
and has such a home-esk feel.  They invited us over and we were able to oooh and aaaah all over.
Don't worry, we'll be there in about 10 years.  Way to go Pete and Tina!
No, we didn't coordinate our outfits!  Me and Tina in their amazing kitchen!  Little
Oscar is poking up his adorable head :)
Eli, Ezzy, Brenna, Bren, Tim, and Max all ready for bed.  We were so glad we got to go to Cedar City
and visit the Dixons!  They were so nice to have us, especially since Elise gave birth to sweet Owen that
same week.  Brenna, Eli, and Ezzy played so well with Max, we wish we could have stayed longer :)
Sweet Baby Owen exhausted from all the partying we did :) 
A trip to Utah wouldn't be complete without going to P-town, right?  I can't say who was
more excited to go: Canda or Max....
It was so fun to show Max the "BYU Cougars" in real life, rather than looking at pictures
and you-tube videos.
I saved most of my spending money for this.  I know, I'm a BYU nerd, but am proud of it!
Daddy and Max in the BYU Football museum at Legends.  
Ticket to Ride.  We sure got our fill with both my family and the Ashworths!
My beautiful friend Anna got married, and I was able to go!  So glad the trip overlapped with her wedding! 
Celebrating a pre-birthday for Max.  Right after he burned his finger with the candles.
Poor guy.  We are proud to say that he is a successful candle blower outer now, and
wants to do it all the time :)
Max with Annie showing his "boo-boo."
The girls ready for church!  
We were able to go and see Tim's Grandma Ashworth.  She is one of the sweetest
ladies I know, and made us a wonderful dinner.  David and Sherrie were able to come too!
At the top of Ensign Peak.  Such a pretty view!

A very common position.  This is what Tim does when Max wants to run all over the place...
...which is ALL the time!
This is Ship Island Lake!  I am so glad Tim got to go with his brothers and dad.  They had a blast!
This may or may not be my husband...
As well as this guy...
The Ashworth boys being Ashworth boys :)

The End.  


  1. WOW!!!! You guys dominate vacations! You literally did so much and this post made me SOOO homesick! You look like you had such a great time, I am so glad you are back, but seriously want to go home so much now haha!

  2. Canda,

    We loved the Summer blog post. It was sooooo fun to have you guys here. We had a lot of fun with your sweet family too.
    We love you all.