Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest Obessions

Okay, so I am just going to come out and say it.  I have my passions (my family and those who have ever lived with me know what I am talking about...)  I love my hubby, my darling little boy, my other family, the outdoors, cooking, eating, the Gosple, BYU sports, exercise, music, reading, etc...
Lately though, I have come upon something else that has been occupying my time.  I guess it has something to do with me moving to a new place and starting fresh again.  I am going to have a blast decorating my new humble home in Cleveland!!!  Looking on decorating blogs, getting ideas from other darling houses, and going to stores that have the cutest decor has been my hobby lately!  I don't know what it is, but it is addicting.  It is also kind of depressing at the same time.  I have a very limited fund (but I do have a fund, bless Tim's heart for trying hard to understand, and being so wonderful), so I have to be selective.  But that is what makes this whole decorating experience so enjoyable.  I guess there is something to be said for having $$$$$$ amounts of money, and being able to spend whatever you would like on home decor, BUT as my mom would say, "They aren't any happier than us Canda."  She is right....right?
Anyway, I'm sure none of you really care about any of this, but cheers to those of you who do!  Yeah for decorating!!!

Okay, I LOVE this type of china.  Shame on me one hundred
times over for not registering this china for our wedding.  Oh well,
I believe in second chances!

Don't even get me started about this display of loveliness...amazing!

Imagine this china in these kitchens.  Oh man, so cute! (The one I have my eye on is the picture in between the black
and white square tile, and the one with the chandelier.) 


  1. Canda, this is totally my obsession as well!! Have you checked out Hobby Lobby? They have amazing stuff at amazing prices!

  2. Grim, they are too happier than us.