Tuesday, April 26, 2011


For some reason, my computer wasn't letting me upload pictures and videos on my last post, so here they are now.  
Max and Tim wrestling...Max is pretty good at pinning
his Daddy down!
Tim has been soooo busy working hard to earn an
extra penny here and there, so I don't get to
see him as much as I'd like to.  We finally had a free night
last week, and went out for Nielsen's Frozen Custard...mmmmmm!
I wanted to take a picture outside Nielsen's, but I forgot, and it was really windy,
so we opted for the car.  We had a lot of fun!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Holt
for letting us go!!
Max's first Easter Egg hunt at his Great-Grandma Ashworth's!  
Max in the early stages of learning how to crawl...
video of the final stage coming soon :) 
Max and his cousin Theo playing together.  They are the best buddies,
and it is always so cute to see them play together.  Theo is always so
"soft" with Max, and treats him like a little doll.  


  1. love the house, and super cute pictures. :) I'm trying not to be super jealous that Tim gets to start med school...

  2. i like the blog remodel. Max looks like a young man now.